moon and staci

Random PPP facts

A local rescue asked for some random facts about Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws.  So I put them together, and thought I would share them with you....

- The first dog to come to Pampered Pooch Playground was a german shepherd / st. bernard mix named Bindi, who quickly became Roxy's BFF!  Bindi was waiting at 6:45am the first day we opened and came every day for 2 years and still randomly pops in.

- The slogan of Bubbly Paws Dog Wash "Our Soap Is Dope" was created over a text message conversation with Sarah Beth Photography while we were at Pizzeria Lola (super dog friendly) eating and drinking.

- The first boxer to come to Pampered Pooch Playground 4 years ago when we opened was a rescue from Minnesota Boxer Rescue (Pickler).

- Before opening Pampered Pooch Playground Keith worked in radio for 11 years (chicago, des moines, cincinnati and minneapolis).  He produced the Moon and Staci show on KS95 for 4 years.  Both Moon and Staci were in our wedding party.

- The idea for Bubbly Paws Dog Wash came from a customer of Pampered Pooch Playground who complained that there was no place where he could bathe his dog.

- Pampered Pooch Playground was the first doggy daycare to have an iPhone, Droid and Blackberry app where customers can watch their dogs play.

- A large part of the Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws business model is to give back to local dog rescues!

There ya go..
Have a good night.

Pet Haven Fall Benefit

Dog Daycare Staff - Minneapolis,mn Last night we took all of our managers and full time staff to the Pet Haven Fall Benefit.  It was great to see where all of our support goes!  The highlight of the night was the doggy fashion show that was hosted my my good friend Staci Matthews of KS95.  Staci and I attended the first Fall Benefit and we both walked a dog in the fashion show that year!  I know we mention this often, but a big part of Pampered Pooch Playground is to give back to the community in which we are located and our work with Pet Haven is one of the ways that we do this.

Have a good sunday!


Our Camera is Back

charlie the puppyAbout 2 weeks ago one of the bigger daycare dogs (who will remain nameless) decided it would be a good idea to knock our digital camera off the ledge and try to carry it around.  We just got it back form the service center yesterday, which is why we have slacked at adding pictures to the gallery.  Never fear, we just added 97 new pictures to the May 2010 gallery. Today my ex-coworker Staci (from the Moon and Staci show on KS95) decided she wanted to come in and meet some of the dogs.  She got to meet about 10 and had so much fun getting to know them all.  She is looking for a dog and wanted to get to know the breeds better.

Charlie (in the pictures) is one of the puppies that just started to come to daycare.  He has so much fun and get LOTS of attention!

Have a good night.