neuter program

What a morning!

MN SNAPOne of the big things that we wanted to do when we stated Pampered Pooch Playground was to give back to the dog community.  We do this through many different routes, and today we had the Minnesota SNAP mobile spay and neuter clinic parked in our parking lot.  We checked in over 40 dogs and cats to get spayed and neutered.  Once the surgery was performed, all the dogs were taken into our training room which turned into a makeshift recovery room.  Trycia was lucky enough to watch one of the dogs get spayed. To many businesses it is all about profit and making money, but to us giving back to the community in which we are located is always very important.  We don't always point out all the things we do, but trust me, there is always lots of time and attention to "giving back"!  If you know of any group that needs help, please let me know.

What a great group of people and we look forward to helping them again soon!

Have a great weekend!