Our new website

Roxy launched the new Pampered Pooch Playground website Some of you might have noticed that we launched our new website today and we LOVE it!  We try to create a fun website that our customers will enjoy using, and make it very easy to navigate.  The biggest factor in designing the new website was the webcams, since this is why most of our customers visit.  We tried to make it as easy as possible to switch between rooms.  There is still a little tweaking and working out some of the bugs.  If you notice any problems please let us know.

As I was cleaning up our server I came across our first website we launched before we opened, all we had on there was stock pictures of random dogs playing at parks.  I am always amazed at how much we have grown, and we could never have done this without all of our great customers!

Have a great night!



Grooming Area Update

I am verry happy to report that the remodeling of our grooming area is back on track.  Today they finished most of the plumbing, and 95% of the drywall has been hung.  Remodeling our grooming and prep areas has been quite an undertaking and you never realize how much you use that room until it is not available!  Today was the first time that I actually saw the end....  We can't wait to show off our new grooming and prep areas.  Some of the construction guys keep joking about "wanting to take a nap in the play areas with the dogs during our group nap times".  I told them they can do that when they are all done!

This past weekend, we went to visit Trycia's family in Wisconsin.  On Saturday, we took Roman (trycia's sisters dog) to his doggy daycare and it was so exciting to be on the other side of the counter.  We saw how excited Roman was when we pulled into the parking lot, and how much he loved walking through the front door!  From this reaction, you  know he loves going there, and that they treat him well.  The same goes for when I am working at the PPP... I love watching the dogs come in through the front door so excited and ready to play.

Hope everyone has a great night!



Grooming area update

Lola the yellow lab boarding at doggy daycareIt has been 5 days since the remodeling started on our grooming and food prep area and things are going great! All of the framing of the new walls are up, the electrical is done, and some of the new floor has been installed. With any construction there is always some inconvience, but it is pretty minor.  Today I stopped in and put a bunch of the new cabinets together and Lola the yellow lab was my helper!  Lola is a regular face at doggy daycare, and she has been spending the weekend with us!  She is a great helper! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Another Webcam!

Butters in the Canine Cove Many of you have asked us to add another doggy daycare webcam for the Canine Cove.  Placing webcams is always so hard, we really want to show you the entire room, but are so limited by where there is power and internet connections.  I hope everyone enjoys the new Canine Cove camera!  You can watch it on or on "Pooch Vision" on the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry devices.

Big Dog.. Little Bed...

Simon the Bulldog Yesterday we announced to everyone that we will be creating a new play area!  We are so very excited for this and know that it will help to allow a few more dogs in each day and it will help with our "waiting list" problem.  Over the past 2 months Trycia and I have been looking for ways that we can SAFELY handle a few more dogs, while keeping our fun and laid back feeling.  We never want to be a HUGE daycare where the dogs are wild and crazy all the time.  The construction has begun and should be completed next week!  We are so excited and now are busy working on the name of the room.  I keep joking that I want to sell the naming rights!

Have a great day!


What a fun event today!

Yummy dog treats at the mall of america today Today, Trycia and I got up early and headed to the Home For Life "Doggone Early Dog Walk" at the Mall of America.  There were a bunch of happy dogs walking around Nickelodeon Universe with their owners.  We had a bunch of dog treat bags, and one of the great danes was so excited that he did not have to jump on the table to get it.  He just walked up and his head happened to be the right height :)

This afternoon we started a fun and new exciting project for the doggy daycare.  I don't want to ruin what is about to happen, but I think many of you will be really happy.  Details very, very soon!

Have a fun night.


Back and on on the news!

Wow, what a fun weekend in Chicago.  Trycia and I went to a pet industry convention in Chicago and I was representing Topline Canine (the shampoo we use when we do grooming).  We got to meet some really cool people and other daycare owners.  We shared lots of ideas with daycares from all over the country!  There were lots of people that were wanting to start a doggy daycare, and they think you can just make a building look pretty and make a great logo and you will be a huge success.  Most future daycare owners don't understand the amount of work, education and hands on pack management skills that need to be put into running a successful business. Over the weekend, did you happen to catch our really quick mention on the Fox 9 news with Todd Walker?  Check it out below.