Another fun day at the PPP

I always love going to the PPP, and look forward to going in every morning.  I enjoy greeting the dogs in the mornings and really getting to know all of our customers and dogs.  Today, many of you might have noticed that I was there this afternoon running the dogs up as the dogs were going home.  I think part of being a good dog daycare owner is knowing how to do all the jobs that we have.  Ellen our manager was working a shift in one of the play areas so I was covering for her.  It was lots of fun watching all the dogs go home happy and tired!

I think the highlight of the day for our staff was we booked our annual holiday party (we are not the typical "lets go out for dinner" crew).. We try to find something fun and active, but also work on team building (but not in a cheesy way).  Last year we went indoor rock climbing.. What will we be doing this year?  I will give you details after the party!

Have a good night!



When will the warm weather be here?

isabelle outside at doggy daycare Seriously, the weather keeps messing with us... Maybe one day, it will warm up and we can start playing with the hose and pools outside with all of the dogs.  I predict that by August, it might actually be spring!  OK, I should not be complaining about the weather on our blog, but oh well... Keepin' it real :)

Even when the weather is shotty, we still take the dogs outside often, but when it is nice, our huge outside area takes on a whole new feel.. It turns more into a doggy water park.

Have a good night.



Bigsby's 14

Bigsby outside at doggy daycare The other day was Bigsby's 14th birthday and not only did he bring treats for all the dogs at doggy daycare, he also brought treats for our staff.  Bigsby can often be seen hanging out in the Canine Cove or Waggers Way.  If you look closely on the wall in the Canine Cove, one of our employees painted a picture of him sitting.  Bigsby is one sweet dog!!  Happy 14th Birthday!

Have a good night.


Which Bernese is this?

Kinnick the Bernese Mountain Dog When we first opened the doggie daycare we only had 1 Bernese Mountain Dog, and it was Roxy.... Now we have about 2 every day.  Kinnick is one of the puppies that comes often and when he fist started to attend doggie daycare he had a HUGE 'fro on his head.  He has now grown into his 'fro!  Kinnick can be seen hanging out in the ruff house!

Have a great day!



Sparky - Australian shepard mixSparky is an Australian Shepard mix who really enjoys coming to doggy daycare.  Sparky is often seen riding in his dad's Jeep Wrangler with his head leaning over the side so he can have all of the wind in his face.  Our outside play area is Sparky's favorite place to be, and he gets really excited when we play with the water and pools.   Sparky's best friends are Boone (golden retriever), Lilah (golden retriever) and Finnegan (black lab).

Warm weather, cool dogs

It was another hot and humid day at doggy daycare today, but the big dogs enjoyed playing in the water.  Most of the big guys love the water and can't get enough of it.  I was talking with one of our customers who is from the south today and she said she felt like she was back home with all the humidity.  Oh well, today should be the last day and then it will be back to normal.  Below you will see all the big guys loving the water. One more thing, we just became a sponsor of the "Yappy Hour" at Pairings Food and Wine in Minnetonka on Monday, June 21st.  More information on this event and many other great summer dog events is on our events page.

Hot, Muggy and Humid outside....

But it is nice and cool in our air conditioned doggy daycare  play areas!  All the big dogs had fun playing with the water and pools outside, and when they got hot, they all came in to cool down.  I really don't know how some daycares can go on without air conditioning.  The minute it turns warm, our dog Roxy wants nothing to do with the outside... She just huddles up next to the air conditioning.   This week we are really busy because of the holiday weekend. Oh, there are lots of new pictures in the photo gallery.

Have a great night and stay cool.