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Fun Outside at Doggy Daycare

outside doggy daycare in minneapolisOne thing I have noticed when talking with new customers about our doggy daycare is their surprise when we talk about how nice out outside area is.   Outside we have about 3000 SQFT  of space for dogs to run and play, all made up of recycled sports turf.  The turf we used is from an old sports stadium in Arizona!  We love the turf and we are able to keep it much cleaner than traditional grass (which gets muddy), woodchips (that always smell) and gravel (that flies everywhere when dogs run).  We really did put much thought into what makes an AMAZING outside play area that can hold up to a Minneapolis winter.  Now that the weather is warmer we have also turned out the outside webcam so you can check out all the fun.  We take the dogs outside about every hour and they all love getting the fresh air!  When we were looking for buildings, finding one that could handle a large outside play area was very important to us.  I am so glad that we were able to create such an amazing space! Have a great day!



Fall, Fitgers and Fun!

Rigby the puppy at doggy daycare in minneapolis Fall has finally hit Minneapolis and all of the doggy daycare customers are enjoying our large outside play area. We don't just use the outside area in the summer, we use all the time!! The synthetic grass makes it very easy to keep clean. I am so glad that we are one of the first doggy daycares to use the synthetic grass because, it is so hard to keep real grass clean and mud free.  I would hate to send home dirty or muddy dogs each day! We can go outside and sanitize it a few times each day. You can't do that with real grass! Customers often ask how often we take the dogs outside and we are outside often! It does depend on the weather, but we try to get each group outside about 5 times each day.

I really like fall and it is one of my favorite seasons in Minnesota! If you are looking for a cool weekend getaway, drive up to Duluth and stay Fitger's, which is super dog friendly. You can check out all the fall colors, and have fun traveling with your pooch! 4 years ago, Trycia and I were up in Duluth sitting on the Fitgers patio and we started talking to Teddy the basenji's parents who were from the Minneapolis area and they started coming to doggy daycare after we had a drink with them! What a small world!  WE have tried to get a picture of Teddy playing, but he moves too fast for the camera!

Have a good night!



The Outdoor Oops... Well Kinda!

Max the doodle was one of the first doggy daycare dogs to see the new outside play area. 2 years ago we were the first dog daycare to use recycled turf in our outside play area and we LOVE it.  Here are the problems with the other types of surfaces commonly used at doggy daycare:

Pea Sized Gravel - The most common but rocks fly everywhere when dogs run and many dog love to eat the rocks.  Rocks are very dusty and dogs go home really dirty.

Wood chips - They hold smell (think how many dogs go to the bathroom on them everyday).  You can't clean them because cleaning solution soaks into the wood chips.  Plus they smell really bad when they are wet.

Regular grass - Pretty obvious why this is not a good option.. You can never clean it, dogs get dirty and muddy anytime there is rain or you play with the hose and grass never grows because dogs are always running on it.

We LOVE our recycled turf, it comes from an old sports stadium and fits in well with us trying to be a "green" doggy daycare.  The turf hold up great and we just wanted to freshen up the look of what we had outside.  When the guys were almost done installing the turf, they realized someone had mis-measured, so we did not have enough to do the whole area.  So there is a small corner that is not finished yet.  I guess everyone learned the lesson of Measure 10 times and order 1 time :)  Not big deal, it should be 100% finished by the end of the week.  I was out there when the dogs first saw the new turf today and they LOVED it.  I am so glad we went with this option 2 years ago because I could not imagine sending home really muddy, or super dirty dogs.

Have a good night.




Dog Daycare Talk

20111102-193817.jpgAs some of you might know, we are pretty social with other daycares across the country and we have even consulted a few. Today I was talking with another owner on the phone about outside areas and how to keep them clean and germ free. Lots of places like to use grass or wood hips, but the problem with that is you can't sanitize it. Grass gets really muddy and dirty in the winter and after rain. Our outside area is about 3500 sqft which is a perfect size, anything bigger you can effectively manage a group of dogs, and anything smaller is to small to even call an outside area. With our recycled turf, we can keep our outside area nice and clean year-round! All of our play areas go outside about 4-5 times per day.

Olive, the French Bulldog loves going outside while at doggy daycare. Have a great night.


What a morning

murphy outside at doggy daycare Wow.  Technology is great, but when it stops working, you really notice it.  As you know there was some pretty intense storms last night, and it created an outage for Comcast in our area and most of the west side of Minneapolis.  This took down our webcams, texting, email and even our phones (we have Comcast phone service).  So this morning I was responding to everything using my iPhone and we tried to keep everything going smooth, but you don't realize how much you rely on the internet until it is gone.  Once everything was up and running around 9:30, it was business as usual for us ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Yep... We have AC!

This morning I was talking with one of our customers and they wanted to make sure that our play areas had air conditioning... The last daycare that they went to did not, and she talked about how hot, sticky and muggy it would get inside their building.  I could not imagine what it would be like without the air conditioning!  Whoa!  Yes, we have AC and it is cranking full blast to keep the play areas a cool 70 degrees!! When it is so hot outside, we still take the dogs out, but for short periods of time (not longer than 10 minutes) because we are concerned about them keeping cool.

Have a great day and we will see you soon!



Fun Outside

bruno outside ad dog daycare I always wonder how some of the doggy daycares with small outside areas, or ones with no outside area manage.  Our dogs have so much fun going outside and playing in the sun.  Today we had such a hard time getting all of them inside!!  This was the first day that we broke out the pools and really had a real "water day".  Everyone had so much fun!  Even Bruno the Min Pin (in the picture) loved to stand in the pool!  Our outside area is not made up of gravel, but recycled sports turf, which the dogs LOVE!  It has all the benefits of real grass, but lots easier to keep clean with no dirt, dust and mud!  Our outside area is over 3000 sqft of fun and one of the largest in the Twin Cities!

Finally!  The warm weather is here!!