pampered pooch

Thanks Brent!

Minnie at Doggy Daycare This past week we have been really busy putting the finishing touches on our new website we have nicknamed PPP 3.0!  Minnie's mom sent me an email the day after our new website launched and after reading the staff page, noticed that Brent was not listed on there anymore.  Brent has been working for us for about 2 years and he just moved to the west cost, and we were really sad to see him leave!  He loved working with the dogs, and was one of the dogs favorite employees in the Ruff House.  Normally we put a Facebook post up on someones last day, and I feel really bad that is slipped through the cracks.  His last day was Thanksgiving,  So I guess a full blown blog post is almost cooler!  We miss him and wish him the best of luck!

Have a good night!



I Don't Wanna Name Drop

Buddy at Doggy Daycare at Pampered Pooch Playground in Minneapolis, MNBecause I worked in the media for 11 years before opening Pampered Pooch Playground, I know how much celebrities value their privacy.  We often get asked in the lobby if any famous people bring their dogs to us, and they do... But because we value their privacy we will never mention who they are on the website, Facebook or Twitter.  I know you really want to know who they are, so lets just say we have had at least one of the following in the past 2 years: - Minnesota Twins Player

- Minnesota Wild Player

- Minnesota Vikings player

- Musician (no it was not Prince)

- Radio Personality

- TV Personality

- DJ

- Artist

So there you go.. You can guess and guess, but we will never tell you who they are, heck, you might even run into them in the lobby sometime.

Have a good night.



Another Webcam!

Butters in the Canine Cove Many of you have asked us to add another doggy daycare webcam for the Canine Cove.  Placing webcams is always so hard, we really want to show you the entire room, but are so limited by where there is power and internet connections.  I hope everyone enjoys the new Canine Cove camera!  You can watch it on or on "Pooch Vision" on the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry devices.

Dog Webcam Fun

dog daycare webcam pictureLast week I ordered a camera that we can put around one of our daycare dogs necks and it captures what they see.  We tried this yesterday with Camielle who is one of the Boxers that comes to daycare.  It captured a picture every 3 minutes and most of them were blurry, but this one was kinda cool.  It is just interesting to see daycare as the dogs see it. We are going to play with it a little more and hopefully get some more cool pictures. Have a great day!


Lily and George take a nap!

dog daycare nap timeEllen, one of our staff members captured a great picture of Lily (the puppy) and George taking a nap today during dog daycare!  Everyone always asks if our group nap time works, and it is great!  The dogs really enjoy our laid back nap times, and I think this picture proves it :) Have a great night!


Woof-n-Treat - SUCCESS!

117A BIG thank you to everyone that came to our 2nd annual Woof-n-Treat Halloween party at Scoopy PooSarah Beth Photography took some great pictures and she will have the online soon.  Later this week we will announce the costume contest winners.  There were so many great costumes, it will be hard to pick.  Many of you saw Otis the great dane, come in and have his picture taken.  He did great, Otis is always scared or shy of new situations, and he really did great at the Halloween party!  We are so proud of him!! Trycia also captured some great pictures!  They are in our photo gallery.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.