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St Louis Park Magazine

St Louis Park - Dog friendly business Roxy gets a bath in Minneapolis

We were proud to be chosen for the cover of the St Louis Park Magazine - Pet edition.  Below you can read the article that featured Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws.

Pampered Pooch Playground Owners:  Trycia and Keith Miller Services:  Dog day care, boarding

The tale:

Trycia and Keith Miller launched their dog day-care center five years ago. They initially opened it for their beloved Bernese mountain dog named Roxy.  Today the Millers manage about 95 dogs per day at the Pampered Pooch Playground. They have three separate rooms for canine frolicking, including 11,000 square feet of climate-controlled indoor space and a 3,500-square-foot outdoor area. There are also luxury suites for the extremely pampered pooch.

“Minnesota is unregulated for doggie day care, so it’s a point of concern for dog owners,” Keith Miller says. “Someone could rent any old garage and put 60 dogs in it.” The Millers do everything they can to alleviate worry. Pampered Pooch is the first dog day care in the country to have iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps so owners can watch their pups at play, day and night. There are 11 live webcams streaming from the three playrooms and regular Facebook posts and tweets. The outside play area is made with recycled sports turf, which is ecologically appropriate and, unlike gravel or Astroturf, easy to clean.

“The St. Louis Park pet business network is really supportive,” Keith Miller says. “If someone had a fire or got sick, they could bring their dogs to us or I would go work at their place to help out.” Miller stays current on developments in the doggie care world and is a fan of the “busman’s holiday”: Whenever he travels, he stops by other pet care facilities to take notes on what they’re doing right and what he would like to avoid in his own establishment. “There’s a real difference in big-city day cares,” he notes, adding many have a less than fragrant smell. 7020 Walker St.; 952.922.8183;

Bubbly Paws

Owners: Trycia and Keith Miller Services: Self-serve or full-service dog washing, grooming Hangers-on:  Roxy the Bernese mountain dog

The tale:

Bubbly Paws is the Millers’ laidback little brother to their high-maintenance big baby, the Pampered Pooch Playground. The Millers opened Bubbly Paws two years ago, mainly as place to wash their own Roxy, a 100-pound Bernese whose bulk and thick hair demand an elaborate bathing process. They nabbed a light and airy space in the busy Excelsior/Grand complex and outfitted it with five elevated step-in tubs with shower hoses, a grooming room and a drying room. Customers can bathe their dogs themselves or pay a bit more for a house shampoo.

The Millers are dedicated to the St. Louis Park community and even use a locally made shampoo, which is actually a reformulated horse shampoo. “I like it because it doesn’t smell fake or overpowering,” Keith says. “I mean, I’m a guy, so I couldn’t care less about smelling like flowers.” Nevertheless Bubbly Paws’ grooming services offer plenty of bling for their canine clients, including toenail polish and in one unusual case, a pink polka-dot dye job.

The couple loves the tight-knit animal owning community in St. Louis Park. “People know each others’ dog’s names. Everyone goes to the Dakota dog park and people recognize each other [from the dog park],” Keith Miller says. “I’ve seen love connections happen here. Seriously, if you were a single guy, why wouldn’t you get a dog?” Miller dreams about opening a pet rental business for hopeful single guys hanging around the dog park. In the meantime, “we just have fun here,” he says. “C’mon, it’s a dog wash!” Each month Bubbly Paws gives back to support a different pet rescue organization, donating $5 from each bath, and hosting creatively awesome occasions like doggie yoga and doggie happy hour. 3730 Grand Way; 952.657.5300;

Pet Friendly SLP

We also provided St Louis Park Magazine a list of some of the pet friendly businesses in St Louis Park:

Primp Hosts fundraisers for a local pet rescue 1628 West End Blvd.; 952.303.3791;

Lululemon Stop in with your dog and get a treat 1639 West End Blvd.; 763.545.9069;

McCoy’s Public House Dogs can hang out and get treats on the patio 3801 Grand Way; 952.224.9494;

Yum! Free house-made doggie treats 4000 Minnetonka Blvd.; 952.922.4000;

The Four Firkins Browse the local beer selection with your discerning pooch 5630 W. 36th St.; 952.938.2847;

Galaxy Drive-In Bring your pooch while you enjoy a superb burger 3712 Quebec Ave S.; 952.277.7777;

Frattallone's Ace Hardware Great nosing around for dog and man (or woman) 5025 Excelsior Blvd.; 952.456.6630;

Filament Lighting This business provided the lighting for Bubbly Paws 5007 Excelsior Blvd.; 952.926.5007;


Gustav loved having his picture taken while at doggy daycare! Meet Gustav, one of the regular dogs that loves to hang out in the Canine Cove at doggy daycare!  Last week Gustav's dad signed him up for Poochie Pix, which is a new service we just started.  Trycia will have a mini photo session with your pooch while they are at doggy daycare!  Gustav was our first client and he did awesome!

On a side note, Gustav's dad showed up to one of our kickball games last summer with some of his homemade beer!  Wow!!  It was amazing!

Have a good night!



Trycia's Good Dog Deed

Lost dog in Minneapolis I was driving to South Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon from the Doggy Daycare and I got a call from Trycia and she said she was helping to catch 2 stray dogs near our house along with another person that stopped and helped.  I guess this had been going on for 30 minutes and the 2 small dogs were really scared. I was going to make a few stops, but ended up going over to help, but I was about 5 minutes too late.  They were  able to catch one of the dogs that was wearing a collar with phone number on it.  They called the number and the owner of the dogs came right over (from about 10 blocks away), and the other dog rand right to her!  What a great story and happy ending!

Have a good weekend!



PPP 4th Anniversary Week!

Bindi and her "friends". This is a big week for Pampered Pooch Playground.... Because it is our 4th anniversary!  It is so hard to believe that we have been open 4 years and we look back to how everything has changed and we have grown.  I still remember the first day that we were open and we were not sure if anyone would come.  I came into the building at 6:15 (because I was so excited), and kept waiting and waiting.... Finally at 6:45 in walks our first dog, Bindi.  Bindi was so excited to come in and meet everyone.   At that time we only had myself and one employee working. Then 2 more dogs came in... 3 dogs on the first day!  I was so pumped and I knew that PPP would be a huge success!  Bindi still comes to doggy daycare, and is one of Roxy's best friends.  I was going through our customer list and many of our first dogs still continue to come on a regular basis (and I can remember many of the dog's first days).  Now, almost 4 years later, Pampered Pooch Playground is often looked to as an example of how a doggy daycare should be run and lots of daycares have even tried to copy our style and feel (but you can't).

We want to thank everyone for being such a loyal and valued customer.  We really do love all of the dogs that come and are proud to have them as part of our extended family.

Out technical anniversary is on April 20th, but we will be celebrating all week on our Facebook page.  Make sure you check every day to see what you can win!

Again.. Thanks to all of our great customers and employees as we could never have made it 4 years without you!

Keith and Trycia

Roxy Turns 5

Roxy and her doggy birthday treats Today was a big day for the Pampered Pooch Playground family.  Our dog Roxy celebrated her 5th birthday and she brought yummy treats for all the dogs at daycare and our staff!  As many of you know Roxy was the reason that Trycia and I opened Pampered Pooch Playground almost 3 years ago and Roxy really loves to greet everyone as they come in.

I am proud to report that the new playroom work has begun and should be completed very soon.  We are really excited for our new play area to open!

I hope everyone has a good night.


A fun Dog Community Wedding

minneapolis dog weddingI love when the Twin Cities dog community comes together for a fun time.  Last night Molly Feeney who owns Just Paws Puppy Training got married, and lots of our friends were at the reception.  In the picture are Sarah (Sarah Beth Photography), Trycia (Pampered Pooch Playground) and Ali (Sidewalk Dog). Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Woof-n-Treat - SUCCESS!

117A BIG thank you to everyone that came to our 2nd annual Woof-n-Treat Halloween party at Scoopy PooSarah Beth Photography took some great pictures and she will have the online soon.  Later this week we will announce the costume contest winners.  There were so many great costumes, it will be hard to pick.  Many of you saw Otis the great dane, come in and have his picture taken.  He did great, Otis is always scared or shy of new situations, and he really did great at the Halloween party!  We are so proud of him!! Trycia also captured some great pictures!  They are in our photo gallery.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.


Famous Pooch

rugerRuger, one of our dog daycare dogs is famous!  His mom just sent me a copy of an ad that he will be in.  It's not in this area, but still it is pretty cool.  Good job Ruger, we are so proud of you!  When you make it big time as a professional football model, don't forget about us little guys at Pampered Pooch Playground! Speaking of football, there are only a few spaces open for Monday's special day of daycare.  If you don't know what I am talking about, read this previous blog post.

On a side note, I think Trycia and I need to get a bigger couch.  As I type this, I am surrounded by 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs.  Our dog Roxy is on the right of me, and her older sister is on the left (Roxy is having a play-date this afternoon).

Have a good night.