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Welcome Back Drake

Drake came to visit dog daycareDrake, one of our old Pet Haven foster dogs stopped in to say hi to everyone today!  He has 3 legs but that does not stop him!  It has been about 5 months since I last saw him, and his tail started wagging the minute I walked in!  We love when Drake comes to visit, he gets LOTS of love and attention from the PPP staff (and even more from some of our older employees that were around when we fostered him).  I tried to take him on a walk with Roxy this morning, and all he wanted to do was lay in the grass and get his belly rubbed!  It was so great to see him today!

Roxy’s 9 days of Christmas – Day 7

Pet Haven Minnesota2011 is going to be here before you know it and everyone will need a new calendar.  We have the Pet Haven calendars for sale in our lobby for $15.  All of this money is donated directly to Pet Haven.   Pet Haven is one of the dog rescues that we work closely with and we are proud to help them out! Day 1 - 10% off all Bella Bean Collars

Day 2- Topline Canine shampoo/conditioner - $7/bottle

Day 3- Zukes treats - $1 off

Day 4- Barkology clothing- $5 off

Day 5 - Poop Bags - $6/box

Day 6- Mimi Green collars - 10% off

Day 7- Pet Haven Calendars

Pet Haven Fall Benefit

Dog Daycare Staff - Minneapolis,mn Last night we took all of our managers and full time staff to the Pet Haven Fall Benefit.  It was great to see where all of our support goes!  The highlight of the night was the doggy fashion show that was hosted my my good friend Staci Matthews of KS95.  Staci and I attended the first Fall Benefit and we both walked a dog in the fashion show that year!  I know we mention this often, but a big part of Pampered Pooch Playground is to give back to the community in which we are located and our work with Pet Haven is one of the ways that we do this.

Have a good sunday!


Fun outside!

Jeter and Smooch playing in our outside play area! The weather might be turning cooler out, but that does not stop us from taking the dogs outside!  Today Jeter and Smooch had fun playing and running around in our huge outside area!  I am so glad that we have such a large outside area, and can't imagine any daycare not having one (yes there are lots that don't).

If you are looking for a fun event this weekend, there is the Pet Haven Fall benefit (we are a sponsor of this event).  You will see lots of our foster dogs walking in the dog fashion show.  Visit the Pet Haven website for more information.

Lots of new pictures and our foster dogs

Trycia took a bunch of new pictures of our doggie daycare and hotel guests today as they were playing outside and soaking up the sun.  Visit our photo gallery to see the pictures. In the picture are our 2 foster dogs.  Bob the black lab is from Pet Haven and Hank the husky mix is from Secondhand Hounds.  Both are available for adoption.

Have a good night.



Wally the Italian Greyhound has tons of energy and really enjoys coming to doggy daycare.  He can normally be seen hanging out with all of his friends in Waggers Way. Some exciting news for all of you coffee drinkers.  After much input from our customers and employees, we have decided to switch the coffee that we brew for the lobby.  This afternoon I brewed our first pot of Dunn Brothers Coffee and it was great!  I really like the "Dunn" because they are a great local company and will roast the beans custom for the PPP!  So over the next few days we will be brewing both the Caribou like we have always had, and the new Dunn Brothers.  All of the money collected from the coffee in the lobby is donated to Pet Haven. Let me know your feedback.

Have a great night.


Good News

Trevor the black labYou often hear about us talking about our Pet Haven dogs that we foster at Pampered Pooch Playground. Today we got some really good news that our last foster dog, Trevor, just got adopted! We are so excited for him and his new home. You can read more about Trevor on the Pet Haven Blog.   Trevor was also featured in the Pet Haven fall benefit! Now, we are working on finding Pepper, our current foster dog a home!  Many of you might have gotten to meet pepper, he loves to hang out in our employees break room, and loves to watch people come in the lobby!  You can also read more about Pepper here.

An old foster dog

Drake the foster dogToday was a great day at dog daycare.  This morning when I came in I looked at the list of dogs with reservations and Drake and Zoe were on the list.  As some of you might remember, Drake was one of our first foster dogs for Pet Haven and Zoe is his sister.  Drake was fostered with us for about a month and got along great with all the dogs.  Drake is also 3 legged!  Drake was so excited to come in today, and everyone really enjoyed seeing him! Pepper is our current Pet Haven foster dog and is looking for a great home!  Ash, one of our managers put together a great flyer for Pepper.  Feel free to email it to anyone that might be looking for a dog.

Have a good night


Pet Haven Fall Benefit

PA070064This past Saturday night was the Pet Haven Fall Benefit and since we were one of the big sponsors of the event, we had a table for 10 people.  We took our managers, and a few of our close friends with us.  I felt it was really important to take our managers to show them where all of their hard work with our foster dogs goes (in the picture are Vanessa, Ash and Erin).  As many of you know we always foster 2 dogs for Pet Haven, and one of our foster dogs, Trevor was in their doggy fashion show.  He looked so awesome in his little top hat and bow tie.  Sarah Beth Photography was there taking lots of pictures and she will have them up soon. This weekend we also had a booth at The Affair that we shared with some of our Sidewalk Dog friends.  It was a great event, and thanks to all of our customers who came out.

Have a good night.