photo gallery

Indy and new pictures

Indy Indy is one little energetic Yorkie mix  that loves to play in the Canine Cove.  She runs in the front door and we can't take her back to play with the rest of her friends fast enough. Yesterday Trycia was snapping some new pictures.  You can click here to see them.  So many people thing we hire a professional photographer to take the pictures in the photo gallery, but Trycia is just very talented!

Just a quick reminder, we only have about 5 spaces left in our hotel for New Years Eve.  If you need that space, please let us know so your pooch can ring in the new year with us!

Have a good day!


Lots of new pictures and our foster dogs

Trycia took a bunch of new pictures of our doggie daycare and hotel guests today as they were playing outside and soaking up the sun.  Visit our photo gallery to see the pictures. In the picture are our 2 foster dogs.  Bob the black lab is from Pet Haven and Hank the husky mix is from Secondhand Hounds.  Both are available for adoption.

Have a good night.