photo shoot

Lucky Mutt Photo Shoot

Tonight we had a photo shoot with Becky from Lucky Mutt Photography for an upcoming project she is working on.  I know we always say it, but Roxy really loves to take pictures and loves anyone that takes pictures of her!  We walked around  and Roxy would just sit and pose.  The only issue is we were by a stream, and Roxy really wanted to walk in the water.  Obviously, the picture I took on my iPhone is nothing compared to the work that Becky does, but I can try to be a photographer.

Hope everyone has a good night!



I'm no photographer

Puppy photo shoot One of our customers has started a new dog rescue for the Twin Cities, Metropolitan Mutts and they had a photo shoot of their puppies in our training room yesterday!  There were so many cute puppies and I had so much fun getting to know all of them.  I tried really hard to get some pictures of them, but they all move too much for my iPhone.  So once  Erica Loeks (the photographer) sends some of the pictures, I will make sure to share them with everyone!

Have a good weekend!


Photo Shoot Fun

2 weeks ago we asked our good friend Sarah Beth to come in and snap some new pictures of our dog daycare staff  their dogs.  Today she sent us the pictures and they turned out amazing.  Feel free to browse around our staff pages and get to know all of our wonderful managers and dog handlers.  My personal favorite picture is Nathan's photo shoot.  He is one of our employees that always provides the comic relief and the only person that would show up with a 3 foot bowling trophy, a winter parka, winter gloves and his dog for the photo shoot.  Nathan did bring a ski mask as well, but we told him we had to see his face, otherwise it was "creepy".  I say this all the time, but I know we have the best staff around!  For more pictures, you can always visit Sarah's blog. Have a great night.