PPP School Pictures


dog school pictures in Minneapolis,MNGet ready for another fun day at doggy daycare!  We have teamed up with our friends at Modern Life Pets to take school pictures.  This fun event is open for any dog (they don't have to come to us for doggy daycare or hotel service).  You can sign up by clicking here.

PPP Technology Update

Ollie the Yellow Lab Puppy at Doggy Daycare Those of you that are on our email list found out about the update to our photo gallery where you can download the pictures of your pooch.  We do charge for this, but the money raised will be donated to local pet rescues!  One thing I did not mention in the email is our new Android App.  Just log on to the Android App store and download "Pooch Vision".  We are proud to be the first and still one of the few doggy daycares in the country with an iPhone and now an Android app.  What is next?? BlackBerry!

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More Pictures

As many of you know Trycia loves to take pictures of our doggy daycare and hotel guests!  She just uploaded some new ones to the August photo gallery.  Deluca who is in the picture is one of the Jack Russell Terriers that comes to doggy daycare .  Oh, she comes with her brother Dean.  Those of you who have been to New York, will think the names are pretty funny! I just ordered a camera that goes around a dogs collar so we can see what they see.  I can't wait to try it out!

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Lots of new pictures and our foster dogs

Trycia took a bunch of new pictures of our doggie daycare and hotel guests today as they were playing outside and soaking up the sun.  Visit our photo gallery to see the pictures. In the picture are our 2 foster dogs.  Bob the black lab is from Pet Haven and Hank the husky mix is from Secondhand Hounds.  Both are available for adoption.

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2 year anniversary pictures

pickler the boxerA HUGE thanks to one of our favorite pet photographers, Sarah Beth Photography for stopping out at our anniversary party a few weeks ago to take pictures of all of the dogs.  She just sent us the pictures, and they are AMAZING as always.  You can check them out in our photo gallery.  A note about Sarah Beth Photography, if you book a session with her, make sure to mention Pampered Pooch Playground and you will get a special savings! In the picture is Pickler, our first boxer that came to daycare just weeks after we opened!

Thanks again to everyone that stopped out!  What a great day and a great 2 years!  We could never have done it without YOU!!!!!


Our Camera is Back

charlie the puppyAbout 2 weeks ago one of the bigger daycare dogs (who will remain nameless) decided it would be a good idea to knock our digital camera off the ledge and try to carry it around.  We just got it back form the service center yesterday, which is why we have slacked at adding pictures to the gallery.  Never fear, we just added 97 new pictures to the May 2010 gallery. Today my ex-coworker Staci (from the Moon and Staci show on KS95) decided she wanted to come in and meet some of the dogs.  She got to meet about 10 and had so much fun getting to know them all.  She is looking for a dog and wanted to get to know the breeds better.

Charlie (in the pictures) is one of the puppies that just started to come to daycare.  He has so much fun and get LOTS of attention!

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Kato and Remy

Kato and Remy were best friends the other day at doggy daycare.  These to guys played all morning. Today we started a small flooring project and are sorry for any inconvenience that it might cause (most of the work is being done from 10am-3pm).  Over the next 2 days we will have a new floor installed in the lobby, hallway to the training room, our staff's break room and the bathroom. The flooring in the lobby and hallway is made of 85% recycled materials!  We decided it was time for a minor upgrade, and all of our staff is very excited for a new break room; they work hard and deserve a nice room to relax in.

Trycia just added new pictures to our February photo gallery.

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Kodi the puppy

husky puppySay howdy to Kody, who is a Siberian Husky puppy.  Since Kody is about 15 weeks old, he is still very much a puppy.  He hangs out in the Waggers Way play room, but soon will graduate to the Ruff House.  Kody has been coming to dog daycare for the past few weeks, and always runs back and is ready to play. Today, Trycia had the camera out, and took a bunch of new pictures which are up in our January photo gallery.

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Thanks to everyone that came out to both locations of pictures with Santa.  Both places were a HUGE success and we can't thank everyone enough.  Trycia and I were at the Fetch Delivers location  and, it was great to see lots of our dogs show up and we collected lots of dog food and money for the Pet Project. Our booth was right next to Sarah Beth Photography and we took a break and took a picture ;).  Also in the picture is Luk, who is in my arms, and he belongs to Ali from Sidewalk Dog. One highlight was when Fletcher, one of our doggy daycare dogs (aka @fletchmasterp on twitter) donated a huge supply of dog food that his parents won in an essay contest.   At the Pampered Pooch Playground Matt and Amber from Modern Life Photo were taking pictures for the Boxer Rescue.  Matt texted me about an hour after the event started and said that he was amazed with the turnout! Later in the day, Matt told me that they raised over $1000 for the boxer rescue, and this was the biggest turnout that they have ever had.  We are so excited to have been part of it, and can't wait for next year!  Oh, Roxy had to show up and get her picture taken!!

Have a doog weekend!



Eloise, the westie is all ready for the Holidays.  Yesterday she came in for doggy daycare wearing her favorite winter bandanna and she also has a snowman t-shirt that she enjoys wearing. Today it was fun being with some of the bigger dogs, watching them play outside in the dusting of snow. Speaking of the Holidays, this Saturday we have pictures with Santa at 2 different locations:

- Fetch Delivers form 11-4 at their warehouse in N.E. Minneapolis.  Trycia and I will be at this location. We are asking for pet food donations to benefit the Pet Project.

- Pampered Pooch Playground form 10-1. There is a $10 cost, and the money raised goes to the Minnesota Boxer Rescue.

For more information on these events, just visit our events page.  No reservations needed, just show up.

Have a good weekend.