All the way from St Paul

When dogs check in I really enjoy talking to the owners and getting to know everyone that comes to Pampered Pooch Playground. I really do believe that our customers are an extended part of our family. The other day I was talking with Murray, the mini doodle's parents and they said they drove all the way from St Paul because we had webcams and an iPhone app. I honestly don't understand why every doggy daycare does not have webcams. I know people that log on at 3am to the luxury suites because they want to check in on their pooch! Anyway, look for some cool new changes to our mobile apps in the next few months. Have a good weekend!


Little Gus

Gus the shih tzuYesterday we had an evaluation from Gus the Shih Tzu puppy so he can start to come to doggy daycare.  When I took him back to play with all of his new doggy friends, he was so excited to see them!  When we do evaluations we are always careful to slowly introduce dogs to one another and normally start them with 1 or 2 dogs before letting them enter the room (some daycares just put them in the room right away).  Anyway, Gus had so much fun playing yesterday! Have a great night.