Italy Tour

Every September Trycia and I take a trip (this is planned right after the busy boarding summer season at the PPP on purpose).  Because Pampered Pooch Playground is our baby, I always worry about not being around should we ever be needed.  Our wonderful staff did a great time holding things down while we were gone.  It really is great to have employees that you can trust with your business when you are not around and everyone did great!  We got back Friday night around midnight, and I was at the daycare by 9am on Saturday.  I just like to go and make sure everything is good (which it was). We were in Italy, and it was so nice to get away for a few days.  We were taking a tour of Pompeii and they talked about how important dogs were in the community.  They have a bunch of dogs living on the land, all of which are protected by the government (fully vaccinated) and up for adoption.  Trycia and I stopped many time on the tour of this ancient city to pet the dogs.  I wanted to bring one home with us!

While we were gone, we were always keeping track on the happenings at the daycare, since I am never able to fully unplug.  We did come up with some new ideas for the dog daycare, which you you will see in the next few months.  See, we can never really get away!

Have a good sunday!