Even Roxy needs doggy daycare!

roxy at the apple store in uptown minneapolis Every morning Trycia asks Roxy of she wants to "go to work"...  Most of the time she gets really excited, but sometimes she decides that she wants to sleep in.  Today was one of the days that Roxy wanted to "sleep in".  After I left the daycare, I stopped at the dog wash and headed home.  We ate dinner and took Roxy on a long walk and she still has TONS of energy!  All night she has been running around the house wanting to play.  It is super cute, but I also know why everyone loves bringing their pooch to doggy daycare.  Roxy does not go in the play areas often, but she gets so tired from greeting everyone in the lobby!  Just thought I would share a cute story!

Have a good night!



Satchel and the tub

I am so sorry that it has been such a long time since I have blogged about the happenings at doggy daycare.  Wow, yesterday was a really funny day.  I was at the gym and saw I missed a call.  So I called the daycare back to make sure everything was ok, and it was one of the funniest stories I had heard.  Satchel who is a yellow lab that comes all the time was having a bath.  They were able to get him in the tub just fine, but would not get out.  They tried just about everything they new, but it took 3 people to get him out of the tub.  They said, he just wanted to keep playing with the water because the bath was so much fun!  How funny!!  I wish I had a video of this. Say hello to Kato who is spending a few nights with us in the hotel.

Have a good night.


Lebron comes to Minneapolis!

A Big PPP welcome to Lebron the pug who has been spending the night boarding in our pooch hotel. He has been having fun playing with all of his friends in Wagger Way. I was at the PPP yesterday working the afternoon shift and I LOVE the feel of a Sunday at the Pooch!  It is laid back and it is so much fun to watch all the owners come and pick up their dogs.  The dogs are always so happy to see their owners ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Roxy's uptown tour

There are so many dog friendly businesses in the Minneapolis area and today we took Roxy on an adventure!  First stop was the brand new Apple store that opened yesterday in Uptown.  This is first Apple store of the kind for Apple to open and it is AMAZING!  We got a private tour of the briefing room (which is all controlled by an iPad) and the rooftop garden!  What an AMAZING place and they are very dog friendly.  Almost every store employee stopped to say hi to Roxy!  While we there we showed off our iPhone app Pooch Vision which will have an update out this week. The Apple employees thought our app was pretty darn cool! You can see in the picture that Roxy would not stand still long enough to take a picture because she wanted to go back in and see everyone again! Next stop was Chiang Mai Thai which is right across the street.  We sat out on the patio with 2 other dogs.  They really enjoy having dogs on the patio and it shows!

I know we normally blog about stuff around the daycare, but sometimes I like to include other dog friendly info :)

Next stop for Ms. Roxy... The couch.  She is pooped!

Have a good day!



hogan the dog daycare dogToday Hogan took a few minutes from playing with all the dogs to take a picture in the "castle".  Hogan has been boarding with us for about a week and he really enjoys dog daycare!  Hogan does great with the big and small dogs and gets really excited when Trycia enters the room. Looking for training?  Heather has a bunch of classes starting next week.  Details are on the dog training page.

Have a good night!


One FULL hotel

Yesterday (Thanksgiving), I went to work to check on everything and make sure everything was running smooth, which it was.  Our hotel is full and they were so behaved yesterday and had tuns of fun playing on Thanksgiving.   I spent about 6 hours with the dogs yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it, and I know that the dogs did as well.  On the holidays, we are closed for drop off and pick up, but for the dogs staying over it is just a regular day of play.  Many other boarding places in the Twin Cities have ver limited play hours on holidays, and we did not think this was fair for the dogs (or the customers, since you are paying for it).  We would much rather pay our staff a little more, and make it a regular day for the dogs.  Yesterday,  Ash, one of our managers brought out the bubbles and Jackaroo really got into the fun!  Watch the video below. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtg4dt4r9uc&hl=en&fs=1]

Help us out.... Win Dog Day Care!!

This weekend we are starting the construction on our new play area and we just realized we should name each of the rooms.  Right now we call them the "front" and the "back".  How lame is that??  The worst part is that the front is not even in the front!!  We want you to help name the rooms for us!  If you come up with the winning name, for a room, you will get a free day of dog daycare for your pooch.  Just email mailto:keith@pamperedpoochplayground.com?subject=Room Names with your names.  You can name 1 room or all 3. Here is a description of each of the rooms:

1- "Front" play room - This is where the wild big dogs go.  They love to play, and play hard!  The room is about 3,500 sqft!

2- "Back" play room - This is the more laid back group of dogs.  They love to play but they also love to have some down time.  This is where all the small dogs and the mellow big guys go.  After the construction, this room will be about 2,500 sqft.

3 - "the new room" - This room is designed for the older guys where they just want to relax and hang out.  They will play, but also love some down time and lots of attention.  There will be plenty of beds and possibly a TV.  Some of the little guys can also go into this room. This Room will be about 2,000 sqft.

Have fun and the contest will end Wednesday night.