Sparky - Australian shepard mixSparky is an Australian Shepard mix who really enjoys coming to doggy daycare.  Sparky is often seen riding in his dad's Jeep Wrangler with his head leaning over the side so he can have all of the wind in his face.  Our outside play area is Sparky's favorite place to be, and he gets really excited when we play with the water and pools.   Sparky's best friends are Boone (golden retriever), Lilah (golden retriever) and Finnegan (black lab).


Lilah is a golden retriever puppy that looks forward to coming to doggy daycare every week.  When she is not running and wrestling with the other golden retrievers in the Ruff House she can be seen enjoying our water sports outside, one of her favorites is the sprinkler.  Lilah will do just about anything if it involves water from chasing and drinking from the hose to laying in the pool to cool off.  Lilah is friends with every dog, but some of her best friends are the other golden puppies; Boon, Cody, and Rosie.

The "Ruff House" cools off!

Today, one of our employees went home sick so I spent about 5 hours in with the big dogs in the Ruff House.  Most of the LOVE playing with the water and we played with the water for about an hour straight today until it started to heat up outside and everyone wanted to run back into the AC!  Can you imagine how messy our outside area would be if we had real grass rather than the recycled turf that is down! Camielle is one of the boxers who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the water! Have a great night!