PPP on the KARE 11 Morning News

Today was a super early morning for us at Pampered Pooch Playground, but it was well worth it.  Jeff Olson from the KARE 11 Morning News stopped out for a doggy costume fashion show and to promote our Woof-n-Treat halloween party that is a fundraiser for the Pet Project.  Have fun watching the clips below!  You will notice one mistake in the clip.. I called the Puggle Mugsy (who is also staying over in our hotel), and the name should have been Rani.  I am so sorry for the mistake and gave both puggles an extra treat!  Thanks to Bone Adventure for the costumes!


Rani the PuggleRani is a Puggle that come two days a week to doggy daycare.  She loves coming to daycare, but sometimes holds her mom up because she loves to smell everything thoroughly before she comes in the door.  Once she comes in the door she is so excited to say hello to everyone, especially Roxy! She is one of our more energetic Puggles that rarely stops moving when she is back in Waggers Way.  She loves to play with other Puggles, and basically any dog that will play with her! We love having Rani as part of our pack!

Mo's Last Day of Work

Mo's mom (Lauren) is one of our doggie daycare employees and will be starting grad school out of state in a few weeks and today was Mo's last day "working" at the PPP.  Mo can often be seen greeting people in the lobby and she enjoys playing with Roxy.  Mo also loves to hang out with the other puggles and "white fluffy dogs" that come to doggy daycare.  One of the hard parts of owning a business is having employees come and go, but I really enjoy seeing them to go on to what they really want to do. Have a good weekend!


Reggie goes home

ReggieOne of the highlights of my day is when parents come to pick up their dogs.  I love seeing how excited to dogs get when the are reunited after a long day of play at doggie daycare.  The tails always wag and the dogs are always so happy to see their parents.  I also love when the dogs come charging through the front door in the morning with excitement.  Today, Reggie (in the picture), went home and he was excited to see his family! Here is a funny story from the lobby today.  Mugsy's mom (Mugsy is a puggle) came to pick him up and she was talking about how she was addicted to our iPhone app; she was watching him play all weekend while he was checked into the hotel.  She asked who the other puggle was that he was playing with, and the other puggle's name was Mugsy also.  How random.  Friday when I went back with the dogs, it took me about 30 minutes to realize there were 2 puggles named Mugsy.  What a random name!

Have a great night. Keith