And Now... A Shout Out

Nettie and Hubbel at doggy daycare in Minneapolis, MN I have to give a big thanks to Ellen our general manager  (and Neddie's mom) who filled in for me today!  For the past week I have been dealing with a pretty bad toothache  and the only time the dentist could get me in to work on it was this morning at 8:30.  The only reason I bring this up is because Ellen gave up her day off today to come in and cover my shift in the lobby.  This is something I LOVE about our staff, they are always willing to fill in where needed.  After I was done at the dentist today around 11, I texted the daycare and asked if she wanted me to come in.. She said that it was ok, and i should just relax at home.  So I am giving Ellen a huge shout out on our blog tonight for helping out today!  Oh, my tooth is feeling much better, but the root canal hurt just as much as everyone said it would :(

Funny thing... As I was waiting for the dentist, one of our customers was there and made a reservation with me for doggy daycare while sitting in their waiting room.  Random!

Speaking of Ellen, her boyfriend designed some really cool shirts that we will have for sale at Pride this weekend.  Stay tuned to see what they look like!

Have a good night!


How Clean is it?? Cowboy Clean!!

Today was a big day when it comes to our construction.  The majority of the work in Waggers Way has been completed and they will be starting in the Ruff House tomorrow.  So we will have all of the big dogs in Waggers Way starting tomorrow and I spent 5 hours this afternoon putting everything back together in the room.  The construction guys cleaned everything when they were done, but I wanted to go through with the shop vac and make sure they picked up everything.  We have a Rottweiler puppy named Cowboy, who is known to eat just about everything at home and wanted to make sure he would not find anything on the floor.  So the entire time I was cleaning, I kept thinking to my self "we have to Cowboy proof everything".  We are so very excited with how everything has been going.  The new webcams are up and running in waggers way, you can see about 90% of the whole room and you should be able to see all the dogs.  I am excited to see how the dogs react to the new digs tomorrow.

Have a great night, and I know we always say this, but thanks for putting up with our construction :)



Kodi the Husky in Minneapolis,mnI still remember the first time that Kodi came to doggy daycare.... He was about 17 weeks old and just the smallest little thing. Then he started growing and quickly became the tallest dog in the Canine Cove... Now he walks in the lobby and the first thing he does is stretches because he knows he has a big day of playing ahead of him in the Ruff House.  Kodi is such a joy to have at doggy daycare! Have a good day!


Vet in training

vet in training at Pampered Pooch PlaygroundThis weekend, Trycia's family came to visit and her  sister really wants to be a vet when she grows up.  So we took all of the kids to the doggy daycare over the weekend to meet some of the dogs.  One of the favorites was Cowboy, the rottweiler puppy.  Trycia's sister sat on the floor and Cowboy quickly jumped into her lap and started giving sloppy puppy kisses! Cowboy just turned 15 weeks old and really loves coming to doggy daycare.  He has quickly become best friends with a few of the puppies that hang out in Waggers Way.

I hope everyone had a great weekend


The Newest PPP Family Member

Jamie, one of our staff members (of over 2 years) just adopted a new puppy from Metropolitan Mutts!  Today was her first day at doggy daycare and she had so much fun!  She is such a sweet girl that loves attention.  Jamie is still thinking of names, once she comes up with one, we will let you know what it is! This past weekend our dog hotel was packed with dogs boarding for the holiday weekend!  Everyone had such a great time playing outside (and inside when the weather was bad).

Have a great night!



Barley goes to the groomer

barley goes to the dog groomerOne of the nice things about owning 2 pet related businesses is that they work together very well.  Barley, wanted grooming, and Tami was not available today at the PPP, so we were able to fit him in at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash.  Barley played in doggy daycare until 11am today, then we drove him over for his spa services.. He quickly made friends with Kallie who works there, she played with him until it was time for his grooming, and then when he was done, we took him back to the PPP to play with his friends at doggy daycare.  Barley had fun with his field trip today!  I love when we are able to work together like this! Those of you that are our friends on Facebook will notice the new picture I put up of Cash.  Cash is a Golden Retriever / Newfoundland puppy that belongs to Keri,  one of our employees.  I thought it would be fun to put up a weekly picture so everyone can see how much he has grown!  He is now a ball of energy!

Have a great night!



Otis turns 3

Otis the Great DaneA big PPP Happy Birthday goes out to Otis the great dane.  Otis was one of the first dogs that attended daycare almost 3 years ago when we first opened.  Back then, we had very few visitors during the day and I was sealing the floor in the lobby.  It would take about 30 minutes for the sealer to dry and we did not expect anyone to stop in.  About 4 minutes into my sealing of the floor, the front door opened and Otis the great dane puppy walked in.  I had to stop them, because the sealer was wet and I ended up carrying Otis over the wet area.  Wow, have things changed!  Now we can't seal floors during the day and Otis is HUGE!  He celebrated his 3rd birthday with all of his doggy daycare friends in the Canine Cove and his sister Sadie the pug.  Otis is also well known for his creative and unique halloween costumes! Happy Birthday Otis!

The Twin Cities Puppy Bowl is Back!

Twin Cities Puppy Bowl logoGet ready Twin Cities.  One of my favorite events of the year is back and bigger than ever; the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl!  Last Year Pampered Pooch Playground was a main sponsor of the event, and this year we have moved aside, and let our other business, Bubbly Paws Dog Wash sponsor it.  Also part of the event are Sarah Beth PhotographySidewalk Dog and Just Paws Training.  We will be filming all the puppy cuteness this weekend and it will be released online very soon!  Look for some pictures this weekend from the filming!  Most of the puppies featured in the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl are available for adoption from local rescues.  As we always talk about, one of the core values of Pampered Pooch Playground is to give back to the community in which we are located and this is just one way that we do it.  If you want to watch some of the puppy cuteness from last year, you can watch the video on the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl website. Have a good night!



Little Max at Doggy Daycare Max is a Shihtzupoo, who has been coming to doggy daycare since he was a puppy.  We still remember the first day he came, Max's owner was sick and needed to take him somewhere to get some energy out.  The owner was adamant that it was a one time thing, and Max probably wouldn't be returning once she felt better.  However, the very next week Max came back! Max's owner realized how much he loved playing with other dogs, and she also loved that he came home tired!  He can now be found hanging out in the Canine Cove three days a week.  He has made many friends at PPP, but some of his "besties" include Fritz and Stella.  Max is also referred to as "little Max" to distinguish him from the other Max's that frequent the daycare.

The Puppies

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy This morning our dog Roxy had a date at the Airport Dog Park with our breeder, and one her dogs Mira who is also a Bernese Mountain Dog.  After Roxy and Mira were done playing, we went back to the breeders house and got to play with the 3 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppies!  Darn they are so cute and I wanted to take one of them home!  All the dogs were named after Thomas the Train characters, but I thought it would have been really funny to name them after Jersey Shore characters!  Can you see one of the dogs named Snookie and another called The Situation???!!

Have a good night.