The New Canine Cove and Training Room

dog daycare in minneapolis, mn Over the past few weeks you might have noticed some construction going on at the doggy daycare... Well we are happy to announce that the Canine Cove, Luxury Suites and Training Room have a fresh new look.  All these rooms got a brand new floor installed.  We are also updating a few of the luxury suites (details on this very soon).  Keeping Pampered Pooch Playground looking fresh, clean and up to our high standards is a tough process and we work very hard to make this happen everyday.  The small dogs LOVE the brand new rubber floor that has been installed in the Canine Cove.

Look for the details of the luxury suites very soon when they are completed later this week.

Have a great night.



Remodeling - Day 4

Roxy at Doggy Daycare in Minneapolis Wow, Lots has changed in Waggers Way doggy daycare room in the past few days.  Sunday, the final touches were finished on the floor, and this morning we were able to walk on it.  At 7:30 this morning, the painting started.  Wow, does it look fresh and new! Tomorrow, the work on the ceiling starts.  We took Roxy in the room and she really liked the floor.  When we first opened, rubber flooring was the industry standard and the best that was out there.  After almost 4 years, the standards have changed, and rubber flooring is a great option, but not the best (in my opinion) which is why we have decided to update it.  We are putting down a rubberized epoxy which is 5 times easier to clean and the dogs really love it! m This room looks so empty with everything moved out of it.  Crazy!! If all goes well this doggy daycare room should be up and running by Friday, then we will start the Ruff House.

Thanks again for being so understanding with us during this time, construction is always hard, but we try to make it as easy on everyone as possible.



Let the Ruff House remodeling begin

Dakota at doggy daycare As some of you might know we have some remdeling that will be taking place over the next month (or a little longer, you know how construction people work).  The first project was started today. Our Ruff House dog daycare playroom will be getting a floor makeover.  The flooring is starting to be ripped up, and by next Tuesday morning the new floor will be installed and we will be able to use it.  Because I like to be "hands on", I started ripping up the floor today.  It is a good workout :)  The new floor going down is a brand new concept in doggy daycare flooring.  Most places take the inexpensive epoxy route, but that type of floor does not hold up, and dogs go sliding across it because it gets very slippery when it gets wet.  We will give you all the details once it is installed.

This is just the beginning of updates going on at the PPP.. Soon you will notice new paint outside the building (it has been pressure washed, and the painters are waiting for the weather to be perfect to paint), new grass, and our food prep and grooming areas will get a makeover.  Waggers Way will also get new flooring in about a month.

All of the PPP staff are very excited about these changes, and we are proud to be an industry leader when it comes to new products and innovations!

Have a good day!