Bocephus, Bo for short is one of the labs that comes to dog daycare and man does he have energy!  Bo plays, and he plays hard, but he also plays well with all of the other dogs.  We love when Bo's mom sends in his reservations, because they always write something fun in the "comments" area. Have a good night.


Princess Leia

Yesterday Princess Leia checked in for her day at doggy daycare.  Princess enjoys playing in our "Waggers Way" play room and lives to have her butt rubbed.  If you rub it the right way, she will do a little dance :)  Princess is a cold weather dog and loves to go "logging" at the dog park.  She will jump in the river and fetch a log. With this extreme cold weather, I can't stress enough the importance of making advance reservations.  We only have a few spaces open for Thursday, so if you need daycare this week, make your reservation now.

Penny Lane and Jude

This past weekend, 2 Shar-pei's spent Thanksgiving with is. Penny Lane is the tan one, and Jude is the black one. Jude gets really, really excited when I walk into the daycare room, he is the first one to run up and say hello! Once you start petting these 2, they don't let you stop. Over the weekend, we were sitting on some of the equipment in the Zen Den and Jude was right there next to me.  It takes these guys a little while to open up with new people, but the minute they open up, they are all love!! Today, we sent out a friendly reminder to make reservations for the holidays. We are 99% full for the 25th, so hurry and make that reservation.

Have a good night!