Grooming Area Update

I am verry happy to report that the remodeling of our grooming area is back on track.  Today they finished most of the plumbing, and 95% of the drywall has been hung.  Remodeling our grooming and prep areas has been quite an undertaking and you never realize how much you use that room until it is not available!  Today was the first time that I actually saw the end....  We can't wait to show off our new grooming and prep areas.  Some of the construction guys keep joking about "wanting to take a nap in the play areas with the dogs during our group nap times".  I told them they can do that when they are all done!

This past weekend, we went to visit Trycia's family in Wisconsin.  On Saturday, we took Roman (trycia's sisters dog) to his doggy daycare and it was so exciting to be on the other side of the counter.  We saw how excited Roman was when we pulled into the parking lot, and how much he loved walking through the front door!  From this reaction, you  know he loves going there, and that they treat him well.  The same goes for when I am working at the PPP... I love watching the dogs come in through the front door so excited and ready to play.

Hope everyone has a great night!



Worth the wait!

roman the black lab This past March, Trycia talked to Jessie from Stray Dog Arts about painting a picture of her sister's dog, Roman.  Jessie told us she was so busy that she could not promise to have it done by Christmas, but would try her hardest!  Last wednesday Jessie dropped off the painting off at Pampered Pooch Playground and it was AMAZING!  She truely captured Roman and his LOVE of the tennis ball. I wanted to post a picture on our website that minute, but Trycia's sister reads our website and Facebook page.  Christmas eve we gave them the painting and everyone loved it!  We even made a video so Jessie could see the reactions on their faces when they opened the box!  I can't thank Jessie from Stray Dog Arts enough for her AMAZING work.  Side note... Jessie was one of our first customers and painted the picture of Roxy hanging in the lobby!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


The Adventures of Roman and Roxy

This weekend we are in Wisconsin visiting Trycia's family and Roxy loves to play with Roman who is her sisters dog. Roman attends doggy daycare in Wisconsin a few days a week and he LOVES to play! Roman and Roxy chased the frisbee for a few minutes then Roxy got tired of playing. A few hours later when Roman finally decided to lay down, he found the perfect spot in the leaves! Have a good weekend!


Roxy's weekend with Roman

roman the black lab dogThis weekend Trycia and I headed to Wisconsin to hang out with her Family.  Trycia's sister adopted her dog, Roman, from the local shelter and he is more than obsessed with his ball.  This big black lab will chase the ball for hours!!  Today I spent a good 30 minutes throwing the ball down the street for him and he would get the ball then hop in a baby pool to cool off.  Then we would repeat it again, and again!  He is such a great dog and every now and then Roxy will play with him.  Roxy must be thinking "what a crazy ball obsessed black lab".  Roman goes to one of the local doggy daycares 3 days a week.  I wish they would move closer so Roman could meet all of his Minneapolis friends!! Have a great holiday weekend!