How Clean is it?? Cowboy Clean!!

Today was a big day when it comes to our construction.  The majority of the work in Waggers Way has been completed and they will be starting in the Ruff House tomorrow.  So we will have all of the big dogs in Waggers Way starting tomorrow and I spent 5 hours this afternoon putting everything back together in the room.  The construction guys cleaned everything when they were done, but I wanted to go through with the shop vac and make sure they picked up everything.  We have a Rottweiler puppy named Cowboy, who is known to eat just about everything at home and wanted to make sure he would not find anything on the floor.  So the entire time I was cleaning, I kept thinking to my self "we have to Cowboy proof everything".  We are so very excited with how everything has been going.  The new webcams are up and running in waggers way, you can see about 90% of the whole room and you should be able to see all the dogs.  I am excited to see how the dogs react to the new digs tomorrow.

Have a great night, and I know we always say this, but thanks for putting up with our construction :)


Vet in training

vet in training at Pampered Pooch PlaygroundThis weekend, Trycia's family came to visit and her  sister really wants to be a vet when she grows up.  So we took all of the kids to the doggy daycare over the weekend to meet some of the dogs.  One of the favorites was Cowboy, the rottweiler puppy.  Trycia's sister sat on the floor and Cowboy quickly jumped into her lap and started giving sloppy puppy kisses! Cowboy just turned 15 weeks old and really loves coming to doggy daycare.  He has quickly become best friends with a few of the puppies that hang out in Waggers Way.

I hope everyone had a great weekend


Welcome Back Bella

Model dog daycae dogA big PPP welcome back to Bella, who was one of our first Doggy Daycare dogs!  Last fall she tore both of her ACL's and this was her first day back.  She was so excited when she ran in the lobby, she jumped up and gave a huge hug and kiss.  You can tell that Bella had some built up energy, she was a playing-fool today! Other PPP News.  Heather just announced some new training classes that are starting soon.  Puppy and Dog Training at Pampered Pooch Playground is lots of fun and the small class sizes are a huge plus.  For more information on dog and puppy training classes visit our training page.