What a Fix!

Sadie the pug Yesterday around noon, I was sitting in our office and heard what sounded like a jet engine taking off.  Melissa, one of our managers stopped in the office and heard the same thing, and I started to figure out what it was.  It was the computer that powers the webcams.  We have a backup computer for the high speed cameras, but the slow speed ones had to be shut down.  I shut down the computer for 30 minutes, thinking it was just a fan that needed a break, and when i turned it back on, the same noise happened.  Since it is a Mac computer, I made an appointment at the Apple store in Minneapolis (they are really dog friendly).  They took the computer back and found something to be defective and it will be replaced free of charge!  While it is being worked on, I updated our backup computer so all the cameras (high and low speed) are working, but you might notice just a little slower performance than normal.

A big thanks to the staff of the Apple store for some great service.  While I was waiting for everything to be looked at, I was showing off our iPhone app and they were loving it!

Have a good day!


Brother and Sister!

nap time at doggy daycare in Minneapolis, mn Those of you that have been reading our blog and following us on Facebook most likely have seen the pictures of Otis and Sadie napping at doggy daycare.  This time, they have been boarding in our pooch hotel and have to always be together!  Sometimes we will put them in the Canine Cove which is where the smaller dogs go and it is so funny because Otis towers over all the other dogs, but he really loves it in there.  These "naptime" pictures happen all the time, this is how they nap everyday when they get tired.  So cute!

Sorry there have not been lots of blog posts lately, we have been really busy with all of our hotel guests and making sure everything runs smooth during our busiest time of the year.

Have a good night.