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It's not all about the money

Cheena - Maltese daycare dog It is great to be back from our trip to Seattle!  We were gone for 4 days, and it seemed like a lifetime of being away from the doggy daycare.  We visited Seattle with Sarah Beth and she has a friend that lives out there who is also an amazing pet photographer.  We went out with her photographer friend and asked what daycares we should check out.  She named a few and we went to look at them.  I had always known that some doggy daycares are in it for "money and to get rich", rather for the "fun and love of the animals" like we are.  We visited a place that looked like $1 million and I have to give it to them, they had a great lobby, great branding, and an amazing looking building, but once we took a tour it was very obvious that all the money goes into the front of the building and not to the dogs or staff.  I really believe that a good amount of money needs to be put into equipment and fun things for the dogs and the staff.  We also visited another doggy daycare that reminded me of Pampered Pooch Playground.  From the look and feel to they run the daycare, I felt like I was walking into Pampered Pooch Playground, the Seattle version.  The owner was super cool and we have a great time talking with him for a few hours and sharing ideas.

Today,I went to our daycare and got to hang out with the dogs for a few hours.  I guess I can't stay away. Meet Cheena, who is 13 and blind.  She is spending the night in our pooch hotel for the next few nights.  Cheena might be blind, but that does not stop her!  She knows some pretty cool tricks and will do just about anything for a treat!

Have a great night!


Hello from Seattle

I did not bring my laptop so it is hard for me to do lots of blogging on the iPad while we are on vacation in Seattle. I learned one thing from being here, we need to be happy that we live in such a dog friendly area! Here they would never let you bring a dog onto a restaurant patio! We have been checking out lots of dog businesses while we are out here, so look for some cool new things for the ppp! Oh, we did the cheesy tourist picture at then space needle. If I had a fanny pack on and Trycia had the camera around her neck it would be even funnier. Ok, have a good day.


Watch out, I know Photoshop!

Watch out, our good friend Sarah Beth has been showing me how to use photoshop and I think I am getting pretty good!  Tonight Trycia went to yoga and I redesigned the pictures on the front of our website!  I believe in using dogs that come to our daycare for all of the pictures on the website, rather than using stock images, plus I love to show off  our dogs!  All of the images are on the front page of our website. Have fun looking around :) Today I was outside shooting video of the dogs playing.  Soon we will release a new music video with many of the dogs in it.

I take great pride in being one of the most tech savvy doggy daycares and try hard to keep everyone connected!

Hope you have a good night!


Photo Shoot Fun

2 weeks ago we asked our good friend Sarah Beth to come in and snap some new pictures of our dog daycare staff  their dogs.  Today she sent us the pictures and they turned out amazing.  Feel free to browse around our staff pages and get to know all of our wonderful managers and dog handlers.  My personal favorite picture is Nathan's photo shoot.  He is one of our employees that always provides the comic relief and the only person that would show up with a 3 foot bowling trophy, a winter parka, winter gloves and his dog for the photo shoot.  Nathan did bring a ski mask as well, but we told him we had to see his face, otherwise it was "creepy".  I say this all the time, but I know we have the best staff around!  For more pictures, you can always visit Sarah's blog. Have a great night.


Dog Wash

As many of you might know, we sponsored a dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In.  Our photographer friend Sarah Beth sent me one of the pictures she took.  More will be online very soon.  Side note... If you book a session with Sarah, mention PPP and you get a nice discount.  Fletcher was one of the dogs that we washed , and he is on Twitter as Fletchmasterp.  He is also a regular face around the PPP.

Happy New Year!

Roxy the dog playing in the snowWe hope that everyone had a great time ringing in 2010!  For our overnight boarding dogs, everyone enjoyed a special treat before bed ;) Today I was just lounging around looking at websites, and I went to Sara Beth Photography's blog, and guess who is on the front of it?  You guessed it, Sarah finally edited the photo shoot that she took with us and they all turned out AMAZING.  To see more of the pictures, just view her blog.  Oh, feel free to leave comments, Roxy loves to hear how pretty she looks :)  OK, truth be told, I did not randomly stumble on this blog post, Sara told me about it!

Happy new year!


All fresh and clean

dog daycare dogMischief (beagle) and her baby brother Benson (french bulldog puppy) dropped by doggy daycare today and their mom requested for them to have a bath before they went home because they have a photo shoot with Sarah Beth Photography tomorrow.  Both of them received their spa services and they look great and smell amazing and we know the pictures are going to turn out great! Lately I have been getting a bunch of emails asking where you get cool large dog jackets for the winter.  This was a tough question because Roxy is a cold weather dog and she does not have a jacket.  I asked our good friends Amber and Matt where they get their dogs clothing (they have 2 boxers).  Matt told me about  I went to their site and I love the clothing.

Have a good night.


A Great Sunday!

Cosi Today was a great day at the Hotel and Doggy Daycare.  One of our Customers, Hana's dad owns and came in to take some pictures of the dogs!  He is working on doing something really cool for our website.

Trycia's family was in town this weekend and they stopped over to see the daycare and we brought out a few of the dogs to play with the kids.  They really love some of the smaller dogs (Cosi, Cole, Toast and Sierra).  Speaking of Cosi (in the picture), we took her with us to the Kenwood Retirement Home yesterday for their first annual dog walk.  Cosi was a huge hit, and she had her nails painted bright pink!  Sarah Beth Photography was there and we will have a link to the pictures soon.

Have a good afternoon.