Windy, Chilly.. Welcome to Fall

Schatzie at doggy Daycare Brrr.. It is finally October, I just checked the weather and it should be a great weekend for our doggy halloween party!  Today, when our employees got to the doggy daycare called me right away to say that one of the fence panels in our outside area had blown down.  I instantally called our fence company, and within 1 hour they were out getting everything fixed.  With almost 60 MPH winds (which are hurricane strength), I am glad that it was the only damage.  Many of our customers came in talking about how they did not have power!  So that was the big excitement at the PPP today!

Oh, I need to post a picture of one of the funniest costumes that we were working on today!  Simon the bulldog will be a star on the FOX 9 news this Friday and we were perfecting his costume.  I don't want to ruin the surprise, so stay tuned for a picture soon.

Hope you have a good night!


Welcome Back

The past 40 days it seemed like something was missing at doggy daycare.  Schatzie is one of the dogs that comes to play everyday and for the past 40 days she was not allowed to see her friends.  One day after daycare she went home and was playing in the backyard like she always does.  She ended up catching a bat and bringing it to the owner.  She wrapped it in a towel and brought it to the vet to get tested for rabies, and it came back positive.  Eventhough Schatzie was current on her rabies vacciene and did not get bit, the state required her to stay home for 40 days (to be on the safe side).  Last Friday Schatzie got the OK to come back and play with all of her friends.  Boy did she play today, you can tell she was at home!!  She was so excited to see everyone again and we are so happy to have her back!  We really missed her! Have a great night.