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And Now... A Shout Out

Nettie and Hubbel at doggy daycare in Minneapolis, MN I have to give a big thanks to Ellen our general manager  (and Neddie's mom) who filled in for me today!  For the past week I have been dealing with a pretty bad toothache  and the only time the dentist could get me in to work on it was this morning at 8:30.  The only reason I bring this up is because Ellen gave up her day off today to come in and cover my shift in the lobby.  This is something I LOVE about our staff, they are always willing to fill in where needed.  After I was done at the dentist today around 11, I texted the daycare and asked if she wanted me to come in.. She said that it was ok, and i should just relax at home.  So I am giving Ellen a huge shout out on our blog tonight for helping out today!  Oh, my tooth is feeling much better, but the root canal hurt just as much as everyone said it would :(

Funny thing... As I was waiting for the dentist, one of our customers was there and made a reservation with me for doggy daycare while sitting in their waiting room.  Random!

Speaking of Ellen, her boyfriend designed some really cool shirts that we will have for sale at Pride this weekend.  Stay tuned to see what they look like!

Have a good night!


Baths, Baths and More Baths

Leris the doodle getting a bath OK, I am in a bit of a goofy mood and decided it would be really funny to title this blog post like the one I just put up on the Bubbly Paws page.  Not sure if it is funny to anyone else, but I laughed!

Anyway, this was a big few weeks at Pampered Pooch Playground.  Spring break is always a really busy time for us and it pretty much came to an end this weekend.  One of the benefits of having your dog spend the night in our dog hotel is a free bath after 5 nights and everyone loves getting a fresh dog when they come to pick them up.  I went in early on Saturday and Sunday mornings to help our staff with baths since there were so many dogs going home both days!  I really enjoy doing baths and it was lots of fun!

I have to give a special PPP shout out to our awesome staff.  They handled our spring break craziness and did a wonderful job.  I always say that we have an amazing crew and I am so proud of all of them!  Thanks everyone!