Simon outside at doggy daycare in St Louis Park,mnSimon the bulldog is one of the regular faces at doggy daycare because he comes everyday.  Trycia has officially spoiled Simon, because she gave him a treat one morning in our prep area and now he sits and waits for that treat every time he comes to play with all of his daycare friends.  Simon goes in all the rooms, but really prefers the beds in the Canine Cove to relax on and he really loves sitting outside in the sun! Have a great night!



Big Dog.. Little Bed...

Simon the Bulldog Yesterday we announced to everyone that we will be creating a new play area!  We are so very excited for this and know that it will help to allow a few more dogs in each day and it will help with our "waiting list" problem.  Over the past 2 months Trycia and I have been looking for ways that we can SAFELY handle a few more dogs, while keeping our fun and laid back feeling.  We never want to be a HUGE daycare where the dogs are wild and crazy all the time.  The construction has begun and should be completed next week!  We are so excited and now are busy working on the name of the room.  I keep joking that I want to sell the naming rights!

Have a great day!


The adventures of Otis and Simon

Who said that big dogs and smaller dogs can't be friends?  As you might know we split up the daycare dogs by size AND play style which means that there are some big dogs in with the smaller dogs.  The bigger dogs that play with the smaller dogs are ones that we really know and know that they enjoy the smaller dog style of play.  All of our staff were having fun watching Otis (the great dane) and Simon (english bulldog) playing together in the Zen Den today.  A big thank you to our staff (Melissa and Heather) for making this video.  This adventure went on for a few hours ;)