snow emergency

A Snowy Day at Doggy Daycare

snowmagedon at doggy daycare in Minneapolis, MNI sometimes compare Pampered Pooch Playground to an airport... People always depend on us and you need to be on top of the snow and weather!  Yesterday we had tons of snow, which means tons of snow blowing and shoveling!  We have a service that takes care of the parking lot and walkways, but we handle out outdoor play area.  I arrived at the doggy daycare Sunday morning around 5:30am to help get the outside play area ready for the day.   We have to get as much snow out as soon as possible because once the dogs pack it down, we will have an icy play area all winter long  (We learned this the first year when we had gravel outside... wow, what a nightmare that was to try to keep clean!).  After about 2 solid hours the play area was finally ready to be used.  A highlight was watching the dogs run outside and have fun playing in some of the snow that I had not removed!! The trick is to keep it clean, so I returned around 3pm to clean it again.  Don't think that is where the fun ends, I also went in today around 6am to make sure all the snow was removed once again.  I don't trust a service to clean out outside area, the fake grass we have can be fragile, and when I clean it off, I know it was done correctly!  4 years ago we upgraded from the gravel we had outside and it was the best decision ever!  You can't run a snow blower over gravel, but it works great on fake grass. A highlight was watching the dogs run outside and have fun playing in some of the snow that I had not removed!! Oh, in between trips to the doggy daycare, I shoveled the walkways at our house, took Roxy to the dog park so she could play in the snow and baked gingerbread cookies with Trycia.  Wow, it was a busy day!

Hope everyone had fun with the snow!


Shuttle by Keith

Skippy and Cyrus Wow!  you know that there is a MASSIVE amount of snow when we have to shovel a special path for Roxy to go outside!  I really need to send a special thanks to all of our staff who braved the road conditions to come in and care for all the dogs!  Unfortunately we are not like a regular business that can just close early because of the weather.  We always have dogs, and they always need care and attention!  Some of our staff even have had problems getting to and from work, so I have started picking people up and driving them (would the owner of your company do that?). As of this post, 3 rides and counting, maybe I should put a meter on my dashboard and charge!  Seriously though, it is the least we can do as an employer to help!

Have a great snow day and try to stay warm!