something cool

Still HOT outside!

I think everyone, including all of our doggy daycare dogs, want to know when this crazy humidity is going to end. I really don't mind the heat, but this humidity is CRAZY!!  Even the dogs want to just hang out inside in the air conditioning.  Meet Keeley who is one of the regular faces at doggy daycare and enjoys hanging out in the Ruff House.  Oh, I checked the Fox 9 weather and it looks like it should be cooling off soon. Last night we got LOTS of rain, so much that it caused some problems for out outside webcam today.  We are sorry for the inconvenience, but the problem has been fixed and it is now up and running.

We have something really cool in the works, and I really want to spill the beans.. But I can't yet!  Details really soon! Ok, I can't keep it in anymore. We started a new contest and I will blog more about it tomorrow night, but click here to get a jump start on everyone else.