st bernard

Lazy Sunday at the PPP

Starbuck the St Bernard was boarding in our dog hotel. As many of you know, we are not a big out of state company or a franchise and I personally LOVE being a 100% locally owned family business!  There are so many positives of being small and locally owned!  One of the negatives is that we are smaller and when someone is sick, Trycia and I will pick up that persons shift.  This afternoon I had to go in and help close the daycare!  I really don't mind doing this because I feel like a good business owner needs to be actively involved with the day-to-day operations and not just a name on a paycheck!  All of our overnight guests had so much fun this afternoon :)  One of my favorite part of being a doggy daycare owner is our customers (and I don't mean the 2 legged ones).  Hehe!

Have a good night!


Oh what a day in the Zen Den

Today our doggy daycare Zen Den was packed with some larger dogs that just wanted to lay around.  In the Zen Den were Skippy (doodle), Mia (leonberger), Otis (great dane), and Starbuck (st. Bernard).  Most of these guys have been spending the night boarding in our Hotel.  One big part of our hotel service is to make sure each dog gets plenty of rest, as attending doggy daycare takes lots of energy.  So all of them were in the Zen Den and I am sure that it looked really funny on the webcam.  Before Starbuck went home, Jamie gave this big puppy a bath. Hope you have a great night.


No dog too big!

25Trycia and I decided to go to her family's house in Wisconsin for the weekend, since we will not be able to make it there for Thanksgiving because we will be so busy with the Hotel and boarding dogs. Trycia's mom asked if we could bring some of the Topline Canine shampoo and conditioner with us, so we stopped by the daycare real quickly to pick it up.  I have said it before, but this shampoo is simply the best, and it is made by one of our customers.  When we stopped in on Friday Morning,  our staff was all excited because, Starbuck the St Bernard needed a bath and they were wondering how to get him in the tub. He is a great dog, just HUGE and HEAVY. We worked it all out and Starbuck got a bath!  Oh, if you are wondering if Starbuck is named after Starbucks Coffee, he is.  His parents moved here from Seattle!  One final note, the picture of Starbuck is about a year old when he was a Puppy.Have a great weekend! Keith