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Spring Break at Pampered Pooch!

As many of you have noticed, we have very limited availability for doggy daycare and boarding until Monday, April 6th because of spring break.  This year, spring break has been a little different than normal. In years past Minneapolis, Edina, and St Louis Park all had different weeks for their spring break... This year all these cities have the same week for spring break, and then it is followed directly by Easter weekend.

Each day, we limit the number of dogs in our care to make sure each dog gets enough love and attention, but we also want to make sure we create a safe and not over-crowded daycare setting.  Because out hotel is so full with the spring break guests, we have to cut way back on the amount of daycare dogs we accept during this time.... We really hate to say we are full and add people to our waiting list, but this is just a very busy time for us.

Now would be a great time to make your April Doggy Daycare reservations, just click here.

Thanks so much for your Patience, and things should be back to normal on Monday, April 6th!

Have a safe spring break!


Best Of Awards

Stellar-SLPThe other night was the Best of St Louis Park awards and I am so excited that both of our businesses went home with an award! Bubbly Paws, our dog wash won "Best Place to Spoil Your Pooch" and Pampered Pooch Playground, our doggy daycare won "Best Dog Daycare". This is the 3rd year in a row that both our businesses have won a "best of" award and I can't be more proud of our staff who work so hard each day taking care of all the dogs. For a complete list of winners, you can visit the St Louis Park Magazine website. Below is a short list of some of my favorite winners:

Best Bakery - Honey and Rye - They are located down the street from Bubbly Paws and serve up the most amazing coffee and pastries!

Best Fitness Studio - Lifetime Fitness - One of my absolute favorite classes is their Crossfit class (which they call Alpha). You will catch me at that class at least 3 times a week. The trainers are great and we have a small little family!

Best Boutique - Primp - Located at the West End and they are super dog friendly!

Extreme Cold Weather Warning

cold weather dogWe put together some tips to make sure your pet stays safe with this extreme cold • Keep your pet inside

• Be sure your pet has enough clean, cool water.

• When walking your pets, make sure to protect their feet with booties. If the paws are cracked Mushers Secret is a good healing cream (booties and cream are both available at Bubbly Paws). My personal favorite are the Ruff wear booties.

• Make sure the short haired dogs wear jackets and sweaters to stay warm. ( Jackets and Sweaters are available at Bubbly Paws)

• Limit your walks to 5 minutes or less.  Dogs paws and noses can get frostbite, just like humans.

• Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car for any period of time.

• Be careful at local dog parks, many have turned into solid ice.

• Make sure your pooch has a warm place to sleep away from drafts from windows and doors.  Be careful around open flames and electric heaters.

If you see an animal outside without shelter or in an unattended car, call Minneapolis Animal Care & Control immediately -- in Minneapolis, dial 311 (612-673-3000). If you believe the situation to be life-threatening and the animal is non-responsive, please call 911.

What sets us apart....

dog daycare in Minneapolis, edina and st louis park Last Friday, I was giving a tour of our doggy daycare, and most guests ask the same questions so we are ready to respond to them.  Most have to do with how often the dogs go outside, how many staff are in the rooms and how to watch the webcams... She asked "What sets us apart from other doggy daycares"... I thought this was a great question and very rarely do people ask it..  So many thoughts came to mind and I really did not know where to start.  So I started talking about how Trycia and I are always involved in the business.  I really think that this is one of the reasons Pampered Pooch Playground has been so successful since we opened.  We simply don't sit in an office all day, we interact with guests and staff and know the inner-workings of the daycare.  We are not owners  that do interviews staff, and sits in an office all day! Even when we opened Bubbly Paws Dog Wash 2 years ago, our commitment to PPP has never changed; It will always be our baby!

Then I started to talk about our staff... We only hire people that LOVE dogs and I think it shows!  Finding and keeping good employees is hard, and we really do treat our staff like our extended family.  We try to create a fun and upbeat workplace where we are excited to greet our 4 legged guests each day!

And finally our use of technology.  From our webcams, iPhone/droid apps, texting, facebook/twitter  and old school emailing we try to be as wired as possible  We have an exciting technology update that will take place in late spring and can't wait for it to happen! I will talk more about this soon.

I purposely left out the awards and other things that we have won as a daycare, because I feel that our service should speak for itself.  Anyone can say that they were "voted best dog daycare in 2011,2010, and 2009" or "best place to spoil your dog"... We have won both awards, if you were wondering, but i don't want to brag with those :)

Hope everyone has a great day!




My Cleaning Buddy

IMG_1290 During the holidays our we always have lots of doggy hotel guests staying over and it is always a busy time for all of our employees, and I can't thank them enough for all of their hard work.

Last night one of our night cleaners was sick, so I decided I would pick up the slack, rather than have everyone else pitch in and help out.  Cleaning at the PPP is actually a pretty good workout with the vacuums, hoses, scrubbers, etc... One of our good friends dogs, Tiko, was staying over and the minute he saw me he made it known he wanted to help me clean.  So Tiko walked alongside everything I did, it was almost like he was inspecting my work!  HA!  Tiko's mom is a good friends of Trycia's and just started her own photography business.  She takes some great pictures that you can see on her website...

Hope everyone had a great holiday!



Staff Holiday Party

Last night we had the Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws staff holiday party.  It is fun to get both businesses together, but it is always hard to find a time that works for almost everyone.  I am not a fan of boring parties, so we always try to do something fun and exciting.  This year we let the crew vote on what party they wanted, and the Skaties Eighties party won.  So we went down the street to the St Louis Park Roller Garden for some great 80's music and skating.  Many of our employees even got into the party by dressing up.  After an hour of skating and playing games we headed over to McCoy's Public House which is right across the street from Bubbly Paws at Excelsior and Grand.  We had the hole party room, complete with 80's pop music for dinner and drinks.  A big thanks to Brent and his staff at McCoy's for all their hard work last night because everyone had a great time! If you were wondering, yes I got dressed up!  I was sporting the Tiffany Amber Thiessen shirt... We looked and Saved By The Bell started in 1989, so I was safe with it! All of our staff always work so hard everyday and this is the least we can do to show them that we appreciate all of the love and care they put into the job everyday.  It really is hard to find great employees and we have a bunch of them!!  Awwwww... Group Hug!!  Before the night was over, the Bubbly Paws staff had to take a picture of the fun they had... Click Here to see it.

Have a great night!


Hello Hobbes

hobbs the beagle at doggy daycare in St Louis Park, MN Hobbes the Beagle has been coming to doggy daycare for about a year... When he comes into the building he gets so excited that he rolls over so I can rub his belly.   His mom said he knows "lets go see Keith" and he gets excited.  These belly rubs could last 5 minutes!! So I thought I would share the love!  Hobbes also loves Sarah who is one of our dog handlers.  The other day, Sarah was petting him and I was trying to teach Hobbes the name "Sarah".  We will see if this works!

Hobbes also lives about 4 houses away from us.  When we are out walking Roxy, sometimes Hobbes will be outside in their backyard and you will see him try to get under the fence so I can pet him.

I remember one of the first conversations I had with his parents... They had just moved here and I was talking about how dog friendly Minneapolis is and told them about a few of our favorite dog friendly restaurants.  Then about 2 weeks later, they told me how much they enjoyed going to Pizzeria Lola and it was close to where they lived.

Hobbes is such a sweet beagle and we love that he comes to doggy daycare and that I give amazing belly rubs!

Have a good night!


Doodle Max

Max is one of the goldendoodle's that comes to doggy daycare and he always gets so excited when I walk in the room.  Yesterday when I was done shoveling our outside area, I went into the room to talk with our staff and Max's tail started to wag from across the room when he saw me.  He came running over to me and jumped on one of the bunk beds so he could get closer.  While I was talking to our staff for about 10 minutes, max also got lots of attention, because once you start petting him, he does not let you stop.  He is such a sweet dog.  Max is also one of our models at Bubbly Paws, you can see him on our price cards.  After our hug fest was over, I let max and some of the other dogs come outside and we had fun playing with the snow! Have a good night!


A Snowy Day at Doggy Daycare

snowmagedon at doggy daycare in Minneapolis, MNI sometimes compare Pampered Pooch Playground to an airport... People always depend on us and you need to be on top of the snow and weather!  Yesterday we had tons of snow, which means tons of snow blowing and shoveling!  We have a service that takes care of the parking lot and walkways, but we handle out outdoor play area.  I arrived at the doggy daycare Sunday morning around 5:30am to help get the outside play area ready for the day.   We have to get as much snow out as soon as possible because once the dogs pack it down, we will have an icy play area all winter long  (We learned this the first year when we had gravel outside... wow, what a nightmare that was to try to keep clean!).  After about 2 solid hours the play area was finally ready to be used.  A highlight was watching the dogs run outside and have fun playing in some of the snow that I had not removed!! The trick is to keep it clean, so I returned around 3pm to clean it again.  Don't think that is where the fun ends, I also went in today around 6am to make sure all the snow was removed once again.  I don't trust a service to clean out outside area, the fake grass we have can be fragile, and when I clean it off, I know it was done correctly!  4 years ago we upgraded from the gravel we had outside and it was the best decision ever!  You can't run a snow blower over gravel, but it works great on fake grass. A highlight was watching the dogs run outside and have fun playing in some of the snow that I had not removed!! Oh, in between trips to the doggy daycare, I shoveled the walkways at our house, took Roxy to the dog park so she could play in the snow and baked gingerbread cookies with Trycia.  Wow, it was a busy day!

Hope everyone had fun with the snow!


A Great Donation

custom dog beds in MinneapolisToday, Trycia and I were standing in the lobby at the doggy daycare, and this lady walked in with a a bunch of Blankets to donate to the Great Minnesota Pet Food Drive sponsored by The Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association!  Each one was hand made and she just started a company to custom make them for people.  . If you would like a custom dog Blanket you can email Kristine  at We did have a few people eye the Green Bay Packers Blanket (so we have it under lock and key). The pet food drive is going amazing.  Thanks to our wonderful customers we have collected over 1500 pounds of food!  If you have not donated yet, you can do it on our website by clicking here or in our lobby!

Have a great night!