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Run Tilda... Run!

A few weeks ago Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws Dog Wash sponsored the Fast and the Furry 5K and 8K run in St Paul.  This race benefits local pet recuses and is one of our favorite events of the year.  You might have seen some of the PPP Staff running, but what really caught my attention was Matilda the Vizsla, who ran the 8K with 6 minute miles and finished in 4th place!  Matilda is a regular at doggy daycare and she is obviously super fast!  You can read more about her race on her mom's blog.

Have a great day!


5K9 Recap


This morning was the Home For Life 5K9 Race in St Paul. One might think, why the heck did we sponsor a race in St Paul. They are a great rescue and really love helping them out, and St Paul really is not THAT far away. Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws shared a booth at the finish line and watched all the dogs and owners cross the line. All the dogs did great and it was great seeing so many of our customers having fun with their pooch. Amber from Modern Life Photo was there taking pictures which we will put the link up to very soon.

In the picture, the 3 black labs all come to doggy daycare (Dakota, Perazzi and Benelli) and did great running.

Have a good holiday weekend. Our hotel is full and all the dogs spending the night are having lots of fun playing today!


All the way from St Paul

When dogs check in I really enjoy talking to the owners and getting to know everyone that comes to Pampered Pooch Playground. I really do believe that our customers are an extended part of our family. The other day I was talking with Murray, the mini doodle's parents and they said they drove all the way from St Paul because we had webcams and an iPhone app. I honestly don't understand why every doggy daycare does not have webcams. I know people that log on at 3am to the luxury suites because they want to check in on their pooch! Anyway, look for some cool new changes to our mobile apps in the next few months. Have a good weekend!


Roxy's first day of work

Roxy the therapy dog Last Friday was Roxy's first day of therapy dog work at The Lab in St Paul.  I took Roxy with her Therapy dog pal, Ahnung and her mom Marilou to this amazing program which is part of the St Paul school system.  Friday we talked to a small group of 8th graders about starting your own business and how Pampered Pooch Playground began.  I think the best question of the morning was "how much poop do we pick up each day"?.

Roxy loves being a therapy dog, and did awesome with the class.  If you have any questions about what goes into being a therapy dog, or where to take the classes, just ask.

Have a great day!


Ok, who ate the cake?

Yesterday started out really funny!  Lauren, one of our doggy daycare staffers came into the lobby asking me if "I ate the red velvet cake in the kitchen"?  I responded "There is cake in the kitchen???".  It turns out that another staff member baked a cake for everyone and put it in the kitchen, and 99% of the time I am the last to know what is in the kitchen! Well, the 9 inch cake was gone, except for a few crumbs!  I did think it was odd that someone had left the frosting on the floor.  After further review we figured out that it was our dog Roxy that put her front paws on the counter and ate all of it.  We called Roxy into the kitchen and she looked really guilty.  I was telling one of our owners that has a great dane and they just laughed!  In the picture is Roxy relaxing at her favorite place on earth!  The minneaahaha falls dog park! Last night we took the staff out to the Saint Paul Saints baseball game.  Everyone had a great time until the severe weather came in and the stadium emptied.

Have a good day!


The Twin Cities Puppy Bowl

You might have heard us talking about the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl which is a group effort between PPP, Sarah Beth Photography, Sidewalk Dog and Fetch Delivers.  The concept is simple, reach out to local dog rescues and features puppies that are up for adoption.  This past Saturday, we shot the video for the puppy bowl and the full length version will be out next Monday (2/1/10).  Until then, enjoy this quick promo that I put together.  You can visit the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl website at anytime.