Meet the Crew - Lexi

photoName: Lexi Length of time working here: Since October of 2011

Do you have any pets?

I have three American Quarter Horses that I ride and show in the summers- Fransis, Zeke and Randy. I also just got a new Welsh Corgi puppy named Z! (or Topaz, or Turbo, or whatever nickname he gets next!)

What do you do in your spare time? 

I'm currently finishing my masters degree in flute performance at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I graduate on April 26th and I couldn't be more excited! I hope to eventually get my doctorate and have a flute studio at a college somewhere. When I'm not practicing or playing with the pups at PPP I spend most of my time having fun with friends or my horses. I also love spending time and working on my family's 300 cow dairy farm in northern Wisconsin!

What is your favorite part about working at PPP?

Growing up on a dairy farm turned me into a real animal person! A few weeks off the farm and not around animals is like the dementor to my Harry Potter. Working at PPP helped me out a lot in this aspect. No matter how crazy the dogs get, it's so nice to get away from school and hang out with some sweet pups for a while. I've also found some really great friends in some of my coworkers at the Pooch!  We have a lot of fun working together and when it's been a rough day, I'm always there crackin' a joke or ten to get everybody laughing again.

Funniest PPP moment:

I'd have to say the funniest PPP moment for me took place just a couple months ago when I was in Waggers on a Monday morning. There weren't very many dogs there yet, but there were three Frenchies- Benson, Frankie and STEVE. I LOVE making crazy voices and doing silly things to get the Frenchies riled up because they have the most hilarious snorting noises and they get SO CRAZY. So Im standing there trying to get these three as snorty as three frenchies can get and I start saying "Steve" over and over, kind of like this... And these dogs are just going nuts. All of the sudden, in the midst of all of our carrying on, Keith walks in and is just staring at me with the most terror stricken look on his face. (there also may have been some crazy dance move involved too... I'm not sure) I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life!

Staff Holiday Party

Last night we had the Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws staff holiday party.  It is fun to get both businesses together, but it is always hard to find a time that works for almost everyone.  I am not a fan of boring parties, so we always try to do something fun and exciting.  This year we let the crew vote on what party they wanted, and the Skaties Eighties party won.  So we went down the street to the St Louis Park Roller Garden for some great 80's music and skating.  Many of our employees even got into the party by dressing up.  After an hour of skating and playing games we headed over to McCoy's Public House which is right across the street from Bubbly Paws at Excelsior and Grand.  We had the hole party room, complete with 80's pop music for dinner and drinks.  A big thanks to Brent and his staff at McCoy's for all their hard work last night because everyone had a great time! If you were wondering, yes I got dressed up!  I was sporting the Tiffany Amber Thiessen shirt... We looked and Saved By The Bell started in 1989, so I was safe with it! All of our staff always work so hard everyday and this is the least we can do to show them that we appreciate all of the love and care they put into the job everyday.  It really is hard to find great employees and we have a bunch of them!!  Awwwww... Group Hug!!  Before the night was over, the Bubbly Paws staff had to take a picture of the fun they had... Click Here to see it.

Have a great night!


Our Great Crew

Potcake PupThis past week Trycia and I were on vacation and every time we leave I always worry about the daycare.  Pampered Pooch Playground is our baby, and I is always hard to leave and go somewhere.  We have a great crew / mangers and we felt very comfortable leaving it in their hands and they did a wonderful job!  First thing Saturday morning I stopped in to make sure everything ran smooth, and it did!  Just because we were on vacation does not mean we were out of touch, we emailed daily and always had the phone on just incase anything came up. I really love being to leave and know that the doggy daycare is in GREAT hands and I can't thank our staff enough to let us be able to go away for a few days and know everything is fine.  You might be thinking, "where did you guys go"?  Well, we went to the Turks and Caicos islands and had an amazing vacation.  Their stray dogs are called Potcakes, and we really debated adopting one and bringing it home, but then we realized Roxy likes being an only child! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Our Holiday Party

Last night was the PPP holiday party which was so much fun!  I personally hate typical holiday parties, and we really want to go all out and do something different.  All of our employees work so hard everyday, so we really enjoy doing something fun with them! This year we hit up a local indoor trampoline park to play dodgeball and then went out after for pizza.  I think this was our best party yet, and all of our staff had so much fun!  I know we always say this, but our staff is amazing and we are so proud to have each one of them taking care of everyones pooch! To make the party happen, we had 2 of our ex-employees (Erin and Steph) come in and close the daycare so our current staff could attend the party!  IT was funny when they came in, all the dogs spending the night were regular dogs, and they knew each one of them from when they worked for us!  A big thanks to both of these ladies for coming in and helping out!

Have a great night!


Thanksgiving Fun

20111125-072040.jpg I want to say a special "Thank You", to all of our staff who worked on thanksgiving. The holidays are always the hardest days for us to staff, because I really want to give everyone the day off so they can spend it with their family. Most daycares and boarding places only let the dogs out for 2 hours in the morning and at night on holidays so they don't have to staff it.... We staff it as a regular day for all the dogs staying over, meaning that they were out playing all day long. It obviously takes much more man power to staff like this, but for quality care it is worth it. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Roxy had lots of turkey, and was stuffed yesterday!


The NEW Ruff House

ruff house minnesota floorI want to send a big thank you to all of our employees who worked extra hard the past few days (and today) at doggy daycare as the floor guys installed our state of the art floor in the Ruff House.  Doing construction with dogs is never easy, and it is even harder when you can't use a 3000 sqft play area and the temperature is 112 with the heat index outside.  We made use of our training room and the Canine Cove.  To keep the dogs cool, our AC was blasting.  Late last week I called the guy that invented the flooring, and asked if the weather would be too hot or humid.  He said no, the humidity actually helps to keep the smell down and help it dry faster (who would have thought).  So full speed it was.   So thanks again to our wonderful staff who helped to keep things running smooth on one of the hottest days OUTSIDE in the states history! Now.. About the floor.... This is a new concept in flooring and we are the first in the Twin Cities to use it!  It is not epoxy, it is not rubber, but a mix of the 2.  Rolled rubber flooring (even when properly installed) can hold smells, and epoxy floors are hard on dog's feet and create injuries.. But when you mix the 2.. You get doggy daycare gold!  The next room on the list to get a makeover is Waggers Way.

Just wait until tomorrow, we know the dogs will love it!  The big question.. Who will be the first to break it in???

Have a good night!



Back at the PPP

white water raftingLast Tuesday - Sunday Trycia and I took a vacation from doggie daycare and headed off to Costa Rica for a few days.  Katie, one of our staff was just there with the U of M and helping to provide vet care.  She came back about 3 days before we left and she got us very excited for the trip and said we needed to go white water rafting.  We wanted to take a vacation where we could have a bit of adventure with it and one of the activities we did was to go white water rafting with class 3 rapids.  I am not going to lie, it was kinda freaky! Just because we were on vacation does not mean that we are not involved with the daycare.  We were always in contact with our staff and were on the webcams making sure everything was running smooth (and it was).  I know I always say this, but I know we have the best staff and it made leaving the country less stressful for me. Have a good day!


PPP Staff Holiday Party

indoor rock climbing in minneapolis, mn Last night we had our Pampered Pooch Playground holiday party for our staff.  Every year we try to pick something fun to do, and this year we took them indoor rock climbing.  We rented out the entire place and everyone loved it!  Our staff is amazing and they work so hard, this was the least we could do to reward them!

Have a great night.


How many baths?

Beau, Schatzie and Buster enjoying the cuddle corner at doggy daycare Yesterday and today we had lots of baths for our dog hotel guests.  After 5 nights we do a free bath before each dog goes home!  Yesterday, Vanessa, one of the original PPP staff members rocked the bath tub!  She was at it for about 3 hours yesterday morning, and she did an awesome job!  Today, Trycia, Vaness and I were taking care of the baths.  Lots of baths, and lots of great smelling dogs :).  We had so many baths today, the we almost ran out of the Topline Shampoo that we use in our spa!  Do you like that shampoo and conditioner?  We sell it in our lobby and on  Good thing they are a local company, and they will be dropping off more tomorrow.

Have a good night.