The Starbucks Run

bacon at dog daycare This morning I was driving in and decided to see if the Doggy Daycare crew wanted anyting... I chatted the daycare and got their order, went through the Starbucks drive through and I was all excited to  use my new iPhone app to pay for the drinks.... Then I found out that they don't accept the iPhone app through the drive through.  I was so bummed because I was so excited to try it!  That got me thinking... I wonder if there is a way we can use the PPP iPhone app to speed up the check out process at the daycare.  My wheels are spinning and I have sent a few emails about it.

And the best part is that our staff was very happy for the coffee this morning!


No dog too big!

25Trycia and I decided to go to her family's house in Wisconsin for the weekend, since we will not be able to make it there for Thanksgiving because we will be so busy with the Hotel and boarding dogs. Trycia's mom asked if we could bring some of the Topline Canine shampoo and conditioner with us, so we stopped by the daycare real quickly to pick it up.  I have said it before, but this shampoo is simply the best, and it is made by one of our customers.  When we stopped in on Friday Morning,  our staff was all excited because, Starbuck the St Bernard needed a bath and they were wondering how to get him in the tub. He is a great dog, just HUGE and HEAVY. We worked it all out and Starbuck got a bath!  Oh, if you are wondering if Starbuck is named after Starbucks Coffee, he is.  His parents moved here from Seattle!  One final note, the picture of Starbuck is about a year old when he was a Puppy.Have a great weekend! Keith