stolen content

Often copied, but there is only one PPP!!

Joey the beagle boarding in Minneapolis,mnThere are lots of new doggy daycares that keep popping up and many of them are trying to be like the PPP.  One even went as far as stealing content from our website.  How do I know this?? Well, when I was looking at their site, they forgot to remove the term "Pampered Pooch Playground" from one of their pages.  HA.  I have to laugh because it is so funny!  I have a picture, and maybe some day I will post it because it is really funny! I know the content on our website is pretty great, but come on.... Honestly though, new daycares don't bother me, it actually pushes us to do more and be even more of an industry leader!  What next.. Are they going to copy my blog posts.. haha!! Today at the doggy daycare everyone had fun playing!  I went in this morning to help where it was needed.  During our holiday period we always add extra staff, but I honestly like to be involved all the time.  So many owners just want to sit back and collect a paycheck... I want to be involved everyday with the dogs and our customers and know that is one of the ways that we stand out!

Have a great Saturday!