PPP staff night out

cheesecake night at Muddy Paws in St. Louis ParkEvery few months we try to take our staff out to thank them for their hard work.  This time we took them to Muddy Paws Cheesecake (which is owned by Tami our groomer).  Each person could bring their own ingredients to add to the batter, or you could use some of the items Tami had.  I decided to live on the edge and mix marsh mellow with nerds... Hopefully it turns out well (the cakes are in the oven now and we get them on Tuesday).  We did this same outing last winter and it was a great time and everyone had fun!  I know I always say this, but I really believe that we have the best crew around! Have a great night!


Grooming @ PPP

roscoe at doggy daycareToday I was talking with Tami who does our grooming and she said that she has received a few emails asking if we were moving grooming from the PPP and bringing it to Bubbly Paws.  NO!  We will always have grooming at the PPP and Tami is not going anywhere (we won't let her because she is AWESOME!). Roscoe (in the picture) is one of the puppies that comes to doggie daycare a few times per week.  Roscoe runs in the front door and is so excited to to see all of his doggy friends!  He can be seen hanging out in the Canine Cove.... But we think he will soon be graduating to Waggers Way.

Have a great weekend!



Gracie and her spa day

gracie the miniature schnauzerToday Gracie (miniature schnauzer) stopped in for her spa and grooming appointment with Tami our groomer.  I walked back to check on Gracie after her bath and she was hanging out in the dryer and she seemed to love having the air blow on her.  She looked so happy!  Gracie belongs to Sarah, who runs Sarah Beth Photography.  After she picked up gracie, we went out for dinner with us while Gracie and Roxy stayed at our house.  We ate at Cafe 28 which is down the street from our house in Linden Hills and we saw the banners she designed for Woofstock.  We are really excited to be a sponsor of this great event.  Side note about Sarah Beth.. Mention the PPP and you save 10% on a session. Have a great night!