the pet project

Help Minneapolis Tornado Dogs

Pampered Pooch Playground has teamed up with The Pet Project to help Residents of North Minneapolis who were impacted by the recent tornadoes.  The pet Project will be providing food and low cost vet care to dogs and families in need.  Food can be donated at Pampered Pooch Playground or Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and monatary donations can be made on the Pet Project's website.  Thanks so much for all of your help!

Help the Pet Project

Yesterday, my cell phone rang and it was Kim who runs The Pet Project and she was so excited that she is nominated for a $250,000 donation from Pepsi.  This is such a great rescue and I really LOVE working with her.  If you recall, our halloween party was a fundraiser for The Pet Project and we raised over $1500 for them!  Anyway, they need to have the most votes by December 31st to win the money.  Please, help her out and vote!  CLICK HERE to vote. Below, I placed a video so you can learn more about The Pet Project and where the money goes.

PPP School Pictures


dog school pictures in Minneapolis,MNGet ready for another fun day at doggy daycare!  We have teamed up with our friends at Modern Life Pets to take school pictures.  This fun event is open for any dog (they don't have to come to us for doggy daycare or hotel service).  You can sign up by clicking here.

Woof-n-Treat 2010

Staci from KS95 Our 3rd annual Woof-n-Treat halloween party was a HUGE success!  The Pet Project was able to raise over $1449.00 which will go directly to vet care and food for those pet owners in need!  There were so many awesome costumes and everyone had a great time in the costume contest.  Sarah Beth Photography was walking around snapping pictures of the event and we will have them up very soon.  Each of the businesses at the event had to have a game for everyone to play, and my personal favorite was the one that Bone Adventure did.  I don't even know how to describe their game other than random and fun!

Happy halloween!