My Cleaning Buddy

IMG_1290 During the holidays our we always have lots of doggy hotel guests staying over and it is always a busy time for all of our employees, and I can't thank them enough for all of their hard work.

Last night one of our night cleaners was sick, so I decided I would pick up the slack, rather than have everyone else pitch in and help out.  Cleaning at the PPP is actually a pretty good workout with the vacuums, hoses, scrubbers, etc... One of our good friends dogs, Tiko, was staying over and the minute he saw me he made it known he wanted to help me clean.  So Tiko walked alongside everything I did, it was almost like he was inspecting my work!  HA!  Tiko's mom is a good friends of Trycia's and just started her own photography business.  She takes some great pictures that you can see on her website...

Hope everyone had a great holiday!



Tiko and Jack

Today Anna one of our doggy daycare staff snapped the priceless picture of Tiko and Jack.  Jack (the one under Tiko) is a regular at doggy daycare, and Tiko is a regular face in our pooch hotel.  This might be one of the funniest pictures that I have seen in a long time. AS some of you might know, Trycia and I are busy working on opening Bubbly Paws, which is a self service dog wash and dog spa which will be located in St Louis Park.  Today I put together a video to show off what it will be like.  It is on the front page of bubblypaws.com.

Have a good night.