Severe Weather

As I write this blog, there is lots of severe weather that is headed towards the dog daycare.  We take severe weather very seriously as we have many dogs in our care and owners that count on us keeping their pooch safe.  We receive up to the minute email and text alerts an warnings from the National Weather Service and stay on top of anything headed towards the daycare.  We have safety plans in place should we need to take shelter and all of our staff are aware of what the procedures are to keep themselves and dogs safe!  In the overnight hours we still receive alerts and have plans to spend the night a the daycare to make sure our overnight guests are safe.  In a worst case situation, we have agreements with 5 other dog daycares that we can use should we need to evacuate the building (they can also bring their dogs to us).  I personally don't think many daycares put much thought into these types of situations and people never want to think this way.  I just want to assure everyone, we always do everything we can to put your dogs safety and comfort first at all times.  On a side note, I am a bit of a weather junkie and love watching radar images so that always helps. Toby (the cattle dog in the picture) in one of the dogs that has been boarding in our dog hotel the past few nights.  Today he went home and was really excited to see his dad!

Hope everyone stays safe tonight.