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Roxy's 9 days of Christmas - Day 2

Roxy with Topline Canine Shampoo Today on Roxy's 9 days of Christmas... Topline Canine shampoo and conditioner!  This is the same shampoo and conditioner that we use in our spa and it smells great with a mixture of essential oils!  This is a local product that is based out of St Louis Park and Todd, the owner of the company is one of our customers and I have also represented this shampoo/conditioner line at a pet convention in Chicago.  If you have a longer haired dog, make sure you try the conditioner.  From now until December 24th, all Topline Canine bottles of shampoo or conditioner are $7 (regular price is $9).

Day 1 - 10% off all Bella Bean Collars

Day 2- Topline Canine shampoo/conditioner - $7/bottle

How many baths?

Beau, Schatzie and Buster enjoying the cuddle corner at doggy daycare Yesterday and today we had lots of baths for our dog hotel guests.  After 5 nights we do a free bath before each dog goes home!  Yesterday, Vanessa, one of the original PPP staff members rocked the bath tub!  She was at it for about 3 hours yesterday morning, and she did an awesome job!  Today, Trycia, Vaness and I were taking care of the baths.  Lots of baths, and lots of great smelling dogs :).  We had so many baths today, the we almost ran out of the Topline Shampoo that we use in our spa!  Do you like that shampoo and conditioner?  We sell it in our lobby and on  Good thing they are a local company, and they will be dropping off more tomorrow.

Have a good night.


Off to the show!

Buckley the Bernese Mountain Dog at doggy daycare As many of you know we love to support local companies (since we are a local company) and we use locally made Topline Canine shampoo and conditioner in our grooming salon.  Topline Canine is made by one of our customers and it is a product I really believe in and we were the first business in the country to sell it!  So the owner of the company asked if I would help represent him at a large pet expo in Chicago!  How could I pass that up?  Trycia and I were planning on attending the show anyway and it is geared to pet business owners.  So this weekend I will be there talking about how great Topline is and getting new and fresh ideas for our retail area.  This show is like NYC's fashion week for pet businesses and this is our first year attending it.  There are lots of industry people that I am really interested to meet and share ideas with.

Have a great weekend!


It's a doggie pool party

Tonight we had the doggie pool party and dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In and what a turn out!  It was great to see so many of our customers and their dogs having a good time!  We raised over $300 for Pet Haven!!!! Special thanks to PPP staffer Anne and Dusty from Modern Life Pets for helping wash the dogs!  Our friends from Modern Life Pets will have the pictures online soon!! Ok I am super tired from washing all the dogs, so this is one short blog post! Have a good night.


We've gone mad with dog events!

Summer is the perfect time for dog events, and the next 3 weeks are CRAZY with dog friendly events.  Tomorrow from 2-7:30 we will be at the Galaxy Drive In (located 1 minute from us) in St Louis Park for a dog wash!  For a $5 donation to Secondhand Hounds you can wash your pooch with Topline Canine shampoo and get an ice cream treat for your pooch!  We hope to see you there!  For a complete list of all the dog events, visit the dog events page on our website. Rocky, the beagle mix puppy comes to doggy daycare almost every day.  He is so much fun to have around!

Have a great night!



LeoLeo is by far one of the smallest dogs that comes to doggie daycare, and he has a great time!  Leo is a mini dachshund and loves to hang out in the small dog playroom. It was a great and sad day at the daycare today.  One of our long time staff members Erika has left us to start her vet tech internship at Lake Harriet Vet.  Erika has been with us for over a year and we can't be more excited for her to advance in the vet tech field.  Lake Harriet Vet is a great vet that informs customers of Holistic and traditional types of service.  We also welcome back Vanessa, one of first employees that started with us when we opened.  Vanessa works full time at a vets office and wanted to do something with her day off which is Tuesday.  Many of you that have been with us since the beginning will remember her, so make sure to welcome her back.  There are also a few new faces around the building as we gear up for college to start up, and some of our staffs schedules have changed, so we are getting everyone ready for a busy fall.

I received a great email from Syd's dad who makes Topline Canine shampoo and conditioner that we use in the spa.  The email contained a link to a great blog post about his product.  I think it is great to see our customers succeed!

One final update on the slow webcam connections.  We have changed the streaming software we use and you will see a few minor changes in the slow connections.  If your company blocks the high speed webcams, try the slow speed ones, which should get you around your company's firewall.

Have a good night.