Waffles goes to the Groomer

waffles after getting groomedYesterday, Waffles the doodle was so excited to come to our building, but it is not because of all the dogs at doggy daycare..... It is because she LOVES to get groomed and she really enjoys all the attention she gets!  I have never seen a dog so happy to stand on the grooming table.  Tami our groomer keeps saying that "Waffles is a model grooming dog, and she loves it".  Waffles parents sent us a picture of her snuggled under the covers when she got home last night.   Waffles mom is also the personal trainer we go to, and Waffles was featured in a Bubbly Paws video. Have a great day!



Bruno and Cyrus

Meet Bruno and Cyrus, 2 of the Miniature Pinscher's that come to doggy daycare almost every day.  Cyrus belongs to Melissa, one of our employees and Bruno is one of our customers dogs.  Both love to be close to each other.  Bruno has taken training classes with Heather, and is now part of our play and train program.  Bruno is always very excited to come in our front door, but gets even more excited when Heather is up front.  He starts jumping up and down and it is really cute! Have a good night.