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Blue-Green Algae Warning

Here is some important information from the KARE 11 Website.  

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) confirmed Monday that it was blue-green algae toxins that resulted in the death of a Douglas County dog last week. The death was reported to Douglas County Sheriff's deputies last Thursday.

Steven Heiskary, a research scientist at the MPCA, confirmed that the toxins killed the canine. In 2014, the MPCA received reports of three dog deaths due to blue-green algae toxins. One of the toxins attacks the liver while the other attacks the brain.

"The danger here is that both of these toxins are very dangerous," said Dr. Ahna Brutlag, Associate Director of Veterinary Services at Pet Poison Hot Line. "So, it does not take an ingestion of very much water with blue-green algae in it to potentially be fatal to an animal or certainly to cause very significant sickness."

"Blue-green blooms are common in Minnesota," said Heiskary. "We cannot predict exactly which ones are toxic and which ones are not. As for the actual dog deaths, these are not real common."

Both Brutlag and Heiskary said the best way for owners to prevent danger from the toxins to their pets is to keep them out of water with blue-green algae. Typically, the water takes on a pea-soup green color and is no longer clear.

"Keep the pets out. Keep the kids out, just under those kinds of conditions," said Heiskary.

Brutlag pointed out that time is critical when a dog becomes ill after drinking or swimming in water with the algae. Pet owners can contact the Pet Poison Helpline at or 1-800-213-6680 or rush the pet to a veterinary clinic immediately, day or night.

Red Lake Rosie's

For the past 7 weeks, Pampered Pooch Playground and other members of the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association have been collecting food and money for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.  You can donate in our lobby until December 15th!!  Watch the video below to see exactly where the food and money is going!  

Christmas Wish

Earlier in the week we were contacted by KDWB asking if we wanted to help with Dave Ryan's Christmas Wish. Our donation would help a Twin Cities family in need this holiday season and make sure their dog was taken care of! How could we say no to this! Since then, we have gotten emails from many people thanking us for our generous donation, and others asking if they could hear the whole story of where our donation went. You can Click Here to download the MP3 of the story or hit the play button below. Have a great day!


2012 Pet Food Drive

This past Thursday we kicked off the first annual Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association's "Great Minnesota Pet Food Drive".  I am so honored to work with such a great group of doggy daycares and raise food and money for local pet rescues.  We have turned this into a friendly competition to see which dog daycare can collect the most food and money and we need your support!  You can donate in our lobby or online by clicking here.  We have some great incentives for anyone that donates including free doggy daycare and $5 off at Bubbly Paws. Thanks so much for helping us help pets in need this holiday season!




Twin Cities Pride

This was the 4th year that Pampered Pooch Playground was at the Twin Cities Pride Festival and I personally think it was our most fun year!  We had our doggy lounge which was complete with our doggy bar, our cool new Minnepawpolis shirts, and a fun staff that really wanted to be there! Seriously, it was such a grew time and loved seeing all of our customers stopping over.  We had our good friend Amber from Modern Life Photo at our booth taking pictures of people and their dogs.  You can see and download the pictures she took on her website.  Thanks again for making it such a fun and successful event!

I Don't Wanna Name Drop

Buddy at Doggy Daycare at Pampered Pooch Playground in Minneapolis, MNBecause I worked in the media for 11 years before opening Pampered Pooch Playground, I know how much celebrities value their privacy.  We often get asked in the lobby if any famous people bring their dogs to us, and they do... But because we value their privacy we will never mention who they are on the website, Facebook or Twitter.  I know you really want to know who they are, so lets just say we have had at least one of the following in the past 2 years: - Minnesota Twins Player

- Minnesota Wild Player

- Minnesota Vikings player

- Musician (no it was not Prince)

- Radio Personality

- TV Personality

- DJ

- Artist

So there you go.. You can guess and guess, but we will never tell you who they are, heck, you might even run into them in the lobby sometime.

Have a good night.



Twin Cities Pride 2012


Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws Dog Wash are excited to be part of this years Twin Cities Pride Festival.  Make sure to stop at our booth to see what fun events we have going on (we are just finishing the details).  Pampered Pooch Playground is one of the founding members of the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association, which is sponsoring the Doggie Drag Show and the Dog Play Area.  Click here for a handy dandy map of the festival.  Last year, KSTP talked to Keith and Trycia about why they support the Twin Cities Pride Festival, click here to watch it.

Pampered Pooch Playground / Bubbly Paws Booth Information

Stop out at our booth for lots of fun including our Pooch Lounge with free samples of doggy beer, Beds to relax on, Doggy Ice Cream and photo sessions from Modern Life Photo.

Doggy Drag Show Information

Come join the fun at 3:00 PM on Saturday, June 23rd. Registration is day of and will open at 2:00 PM.  Sign up at the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association Booth (it will be very close to the Pampered Pooch Playground booth).  There will be a few props available to use, but we strongly suggest bringing your own Doggy Gaga or Elton Dog costume.  The Grand Prize winner gets to be in the Pride Parade Sunday, June 24 and they receive a pretty sweet prize package.  On a side note, Keith will be one of the judges!

Doggy Play Area Information

The Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association is proud to sponsor the Doggy Play Area.  There will be some games and activities for you and your pooch.

Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association Information

Pampered Pooch Playground is one of the founding members of the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association.  The The Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association encourages the pursuit of excellence by our member daycares through honest effort, fair play and personal integrity, we will provide appropriate information and resources necessary to promote dog daycares as a viable and safe industry in the Twin Cities and creates a set of standards that each of the members must abide by.  Other members of the group are Downtown Dogs, Dog Day Getaway and Dog Days.

The NEW Ruff House

ruff house minnesota floorI want to send a big thank you to all of our employees who worked extra hard the past few days (and today) at doggy daycare as the floor guys installed our state of the art floor in the Ruff House.  Doing construction with dogs is never easy, and it is even harder when you can't use a 3000 sqft play area and the temperature is 112 with the heat index outside.  We made use of our training room and the Canine Cove.  To keep the dogs cool, our AC was blasting.  Late last week I called the guy that invented the flooring, and asked if the weather would be too hot or humid.  He said no, the humidity actually helps to keep the smell down and help it dry faster (who would have thought).  So full speed it was.   So thanks again to our wonderful staff who helped to keep things running smooth on one of the hottest days OUTSIDE in the states history! Now.. About the floor.... This is a new concept in flooring and we are the first in the Twin Cities to use it!  It is not epoxy, it is not rubber, but a mix of the 2.  Rolled rubber flooring (even when properly installed) can hold smells, and epoxy floors are hard on dog's feet and create injuries.. But when you mix the 2.. You get doggy daycare gold!  The next room on the list to get a makeover is Waggers Way.

Just wait until tomorrow, we know the dogs will love it!  The big question.. Who will be the first to break it in???

Have a good night!