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Fun @ Woofstock!

This past Saturday was one of my favorite dog events of the year... Linden Hills Woofstock!  Everyone always asks why it is my favorite event, and it is because we live in the Linden Hills area and it is our way of giving back to the community in which we live!  Both our businesses have so much in common with those of Linden Hills Businesses (we are small, local, community minded and try hard to be as green as possible).  For the past 4 years Pampered Pooch Playground has been a presenting sponsor, and Bubbly Paws has been a sponsor for the past 2 years.  The highlight of my day was being one of the judges for the dog trick contest! There were so many great participants!  All the products that we had for sale were either made by a local company or a green product! People that stopped out got to have fun in the Photo Booth and sample the doggy beer.

While we were at Woofstock, Trycia and I were walking around with Roxy and were talking to one of the doggy daycare's that is part of the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association, and we came up with a great idea for the holidays.  We will be meeting about it in the next few weeks to get the ball rolling!

Have a great weekend!


Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association

I am not sure how many of you saw the FOX 9 special report tonight, but it was one that paints one Twin Cities doggy daycare in a bad light. Trycia and I were watching the story and I think my jaw was dropped the entire time it was on!  I was shocked and could not believe what I saw and heard!!   I don't want you guys to assume that every daycare in the Twin Cities is operated like that one and there are many that are well run (like the PPP). If you want to watch the story, you can click here. Over the past 2 months, we have teamed up with 2 of the other premier doggy daycares in the area to create the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association, which helps to set standards of care, staffing and other ways of running the business.  We hurried and launched this site today before the story aired to help educate dog owners on how to pick a quality dog daycare and what questions should be asked when you first visit.

As always, if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns please drop me an email (or better yet, call my cell phone 651-238-7673... How many daycare owners give out their personal cell phone number??).

Have a good night, and please feel free to contact me personally with any questions you might have.