undercover boss

Undercover Boss

I am not sure how many of you have watched the CBS show Undercover Boss, but I am a huge fan.  I know we are not a huge company (and never will be), but I like to think Trycia and I have a good handle of everything that goes on. Very often will you see us in back with the dogs and talking with our staff.  Last Friday, one of our cleaners was sick, so I picked up the slack and cleaned all 3 of the play areas after working a full day.  I actually enjoy doing these types of things because I feel that it keeps a business owner grounded, and in touch with what really goes on, how things work and what we can do to improve things.  While I was pushing our floor scrubber at 8:15pm last Friday, I had a thought of something we can do to make the cleaning process go faster.  I think there are many business owners that just don't try to interact with staff and actually have a handle on how things work, they are too busy sitting in an office talking the talk. Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Roxy enjoyed a long walk around Lake Calhoun today!