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Back at the PPP

white water raftingLast Tuesday - Sunday Trycia and I took a vacation from doggie daycare and headed off to Costa Rica for a few days.  Katie, one of our staff was just there with the U of M and helping to provide vet care.  She came back about 3 days before we left and she got us very excited for the trip and said we needed to go white water rafting.  We wanted to take a vacation where we could have a bit of adventure with it and one of the activities we did was to go white water rafting with class 3 rapids.  I am not going to lie, it was kinda freaky! Just because we were on vacation does not mean that we are not involved with the daycare.  We were always in contact with our staff and were on the webcams making sure everything was running smooth (and it was).  I know I always say this, but I know we have the best staff and it made leaving the country less stressful for me. Have a good day!