waggers way

More PPP Upgrades

As some of you might have noticed, "something has been going on in the Ruff House".... Over the past few weeks, we have been gradually upgrading our HVAC system for the play areas.  Most of the work has been completed in the morning, and during that time, we are able to move dogs into other rooms, or use our outside area so that they are not in the way.  Fresh, purified air is very important when running a dog daycare (many places never do this), and our old unit was doing pretty good, but it was running on it's "last legs".... So rather than waiting for something to break, we take the pro-active approach and do a complete upgrade.  While many of our 2 legged customers will never notice any change, all of our 4 legged customers will be very excited for a more efficient system that can switch over the air in the room about 8 times per hour (industry standard is about 3 times per hour).  Tomorrow is the big day when we get to flip the switch on the new unit... Like always, construction is never easy to do, and our #1 goal is always to make sure all the dogs are safe and out of the way when they are working.  I will give you all the details on the new system soon after we get to turn it on.

Have a good night!


Remodeling Update

Wow, what a difference a week makes in our doggy daycare makeover.  Our Waggers Way room is now being used, and I think all the dogs LOVE it.  You will notice the webcams are now in the middle of the room so you can see about 90% of the room and the new energy efficient lighting has made the room much brighter and the new paint color on the walls and the lighter floor has made the dogs stand out better on the webcams. I was laughing yesterday when I first logged on to the cameras because Brent (one of our staff) was wearing a black hoodie and he looked like a shadow on the cameras.  We love these changes!  Now That Waggers Way has been almost completed (there are just some ceiling tiles to be placed), the Ruff House has started getting the facelift.  We keep putting pressure on the construction guys to be finished by Friday and I think this will be achieved.

So excited to show everything off!


Remodeling - Day 4

Roxy at Doggy Daycare in Minneapolis Wow, Lots has changed in Waggers Way doggy daycare room in the past few days.  Sunday, the final touches were finished on the floor, and this morning we were able to walk on it.  At 7:30 this morning, the painting started.  Wow, does it look fresh and new! Tomorrow, the work on the ceiling starts.  We took Roxy in the room and she really liked the floor.  When we first opened, rubber flooring was the industry standard and the best that was out there.  After almost 4 years, the standards have changed, and rubber flooring is a great option, but not the best (in my opinion) which is why we have decided to update it.  We are putting down a rubberized epoxy which is 5 times easier to clean and the dogs really love it! m This room looks so empty with everything moved out of it.  Crazy!! If all goes well this doggy daycare room should be up and running by Friday, then we will start the Ruff House.

Thanks again for being so understanding with us during this time, construction is always hard, but we try to make it as easy on everyone as possible.



Remodeling - Day 1

Petey and Benson at the dog lounge Today was the first day of the remodeling of Waggers Way.  The new floor was put down and it will look just like the Ruff House floor.  The floor is the Ruff House has proven to be the best and easiest to keep clean, but also provide a safe surface for the dogs to play on.  Our room configuration will be a bit strange the next few days.  The Ruff House will be un-changed, but the Waggers Way dogs will be in what we are calling the "Dog Lounge" which is our training room.  Today, the dogs in the Dog Lounge could run back and forth from the Canine Cove and many of them really enjoyed that.  If you are watching the webcams the next few days, make sure you cycle through all of them to find your pooch as they may not be in their regular room.  Monday, the walls in Waggers Way will be painted, then the ceiling installation will begin.  With any type of construction, we always place the safety of your dog ahead of anything else, and have been limiting the number of dogs we accept for the next to weeks. It also might take us a few extra minutes to get your dog ready to go home because of the configuration.  Please be patient with us, we promise it will be worth the hassle!

We are really excited to show off the remodeled areas!


Another fun day at the PPP

I always love going to the PPP, and look forward to going in every morning.  I enjoy greeting the dogs in the mornings and really getting to know all of our customers and dogs.  Today, many of you might have noticed that I was there this afternoon running the dogs up as the dogs were going home.  I think part of being a good dog daycare owner is knowing how to do all the jobs that we have.  Ellen our manager was working a shift in one of the play areas so I was covering for her.  It was lots of fun watching all the dogs go home happy and tired!

I think the highlight of the day for our staff was we booked our annual holiday party (we are not the typical "lets go out for dinner" crew).. We try to find something fun and active, but also work on team building (but not in a cheesy way).  Last year we went indoor rock climbing.. What will we be doing this year?  I will give you details after the party!

Have a good night!




Captain at Dog Daycare in St Louis Park, MNCaptain is a sweet black lab that has been coming to doggy daycare at the PPP since the beginning.  He hasn't met a ball, dog, or person that he doesn't like.  When at PPP, Captain can be found in waggers way, ruff house, or in canine cove, depending on where the ball is OR where Brent (dog handler) is.  Captain has found the perfect balance of fun and relaxation at daycare, when he isn't romping with his pals you can find him lounging on our red couch dreaming of tennis balls.    Some of his favorite dog pals include Wrigley, Finnegan, and Skippy.

Vet in training

vet in training at Pampered Pooch PlaygroundThis weekend, Trycia's family came to visit and her  sister really wants to be a vet when she grows up.  So we took all of the kids to the doggy daycare over the weekend to meet some of the dogs.  One of the favorites was Cowboy, the rottweiler puppy.  Trycia's sister sat on the floor and Cowboy quickly jumped into her lap and started giving sloppy puppy kisses! Cowboy just turned 15 weeks old and really loves coming to doggy daycare.  He has quickly become best friends with a few of the puppies that hang out in Waggers Way.

I hope everyone had a great weekend



Lewis the doodle hanging outside at doggy daycare in Minneapolis Louis is a Goldendoodle that has been coming to doggy daycare for over a year now.  He is soooo excited to walk in the door he can hardly contain himself!     Louis loves all dogs and can be seen playing in the Ruff House or Waggers Way, depending on his energy level :)  He loves water and when he can't play with the hose outside he likes to dump water on the floor and lay in it. Louis can also be seen in our spa getting groomed by Tami.  We love having Louis visit us at Pampered Pooch Playground!


20110612-083605.jpgBlu is a cattle dog mix that has been coming to doggy daycare for over 2 years. She is ready to play the minute she walks throughout the front door, especially when she sees Roxy and Neddie! Blu's signature move is her "butt wiggle", but can also be seen playing with the water outside or running around Waggers Way with her other buddies. We love having Blu come visit us each week!


Roscoe outside at doggy daycareRoscoe is a beagle mix who just turned 6 months old.  She has been coming to doggy daycare since she was a wee-little puppy.  When Roscoe first started coming she would spend her mornings in Waggers Way playing hard, and then move to the Canine Cove so she could nap in the afternoon.  Now, Roscoe no longer needs her afternoon puppy naps, she has graduated to a permanent Waggers Way member and spends her afternoons playing with all of her buddies!  Some of Roscoe's best friends are Perazzi and Phoebe, who are both lab puppies.  Roscoe is a joy to have around and we are happy she is a PPP pup!