Our new website

Roxy launched the new Pampered Pooch Playground website Some of you might have noticed that we launched our new website today and we LOVE it!  We try to create a fun website that our customers will enjoy using, and make it very easy to navigate.  The biggest factor in designing the new website was the webcams, since this is why most of our customers visit.  We tried to make it as easy as possible to switch between rooms.  There is still a little tweaking and working out some of the bugs.  If you notice any problems please let us know.

As I was cleaning up our server I came across our first website we launched before we opened, all we had on there was stock pictures of random dogs playing at parks.  I am always amazed at how much we have grown, and we could never have done this without all of our great customers!

Have a great night!



Newer and Faster

Pierre Over the past 2 days, our website has been being moved to a new faster server.  The webcam traffic was slowing things down, so we went with a new web host and starting today you should be seeing faster load times!  Exciting!!  On the technology front, if you have a Droid, we have a new app in the Droid Marketplace.  Search for "Pooch Vision".

Have a good day!

I'm a slacker!

I know it has been a few days since I have blogged, and I feel really bad about it.  This week has been pretty crazy for me.  I have been playing catch up all week, because we got back from vacation and everything always stacks up while you are gone.  On top of that, we installed the new grass outside, ran some new plumbing into the ruff house and we are working very hard at launching a new website.  I think launching a website is a full time job :)  One of our customers works for a web design company, and they did some amazing work, and I can't wait to show if off.  I went to their offices downtown in Minneapolis, and got a great view of Target Field from and learned how to manage the site.  It should be launching soon. Oh, Fletcher sais "hello".

Have a good night.