wiggly tails

Chicago Trip

ginger the Rottweiler puppyThe past 2 days I took a quick trip home to Chicago to visit my family and my Brothers new Rottweiler puppy.  Ginger is 12 weeks old and about to start doggy daycare at my friends doggy daycare (some of PPP is modeled after this location).  I went to lunch with my friend who owns it and we were "talking shop" and wow, there is so much in common between the two places! Now I am back in time to watch my Chicago White Sox take on the Twins!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!



Welcome to the 2000's

Bruno the Miniature Pinscher Many of you know that I am originally from the Chicago area and one of my good friends owns a doggy daycare just outside Chicago.  Surprisingly Pampered Pooch Playground is very similar to their daycare.  This past week, they just turned on their webcams so customers can watch their dogs play!  Over the past few weeks I remotely configured the webcams for them so they would stream.  If you want to check them out, just click here.  Funny, the cameras look the same as the Pampered Pooch Playground webcams.

Have a great day!