Picture Day

Mitzi the Yorkie Today was picture day with our doggie daycare dogs!  We teamed up with our friends at Modern Life Photo to offer custom Valentines Day Pictures and everyone was so excited for them!  Amber from Modern Life did such a great job with the photography!  The pictures will be released soon and I can't wait to see them!

Have a great night!


Sydney is famous

Minnetonka, mn Pick up the poop

Those of you that live near Minnetonka might have seen the "Pick up the poop" billboards, but did you know that the dog on it is one of our doggy daycare dogs?  Sydney the yorkie is not a local celebrity.  The city of Minnetonka created this billboard which is also running on their website and in the city news letter.  When it is cold out, it seems like some people like to forget to pick up the poop which can cause a serious health problem.  For more information, you can visit their website.

Have a good day!


Another Webcam!

Butters in the Canine Cove Many of you have asked us to add another doggy daycare webcam for the Canine Cove.  Placing webcams is always so hard, we really want to show you the entire room, but are so limited by where there is power and internet connections.  I hope everyone enjoys the new Canine Cove camera!  You can watch it on PamperedPoochPlayground.com or on "Pooch Vision" on the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry devices.

Indy and new pictures

Indy Indy is one little energetic Yorkie mix  that loves to play in the Canine Cove.  She runs in the front door and we can't take her back to play with the rest of her friends fast enough. Yesterday Trycia was snapping some new pictures.  You can click here to see them.  So many people thing we hire a professional photographer to take the pictures in the photo gallery, but Trycia is just very talented!

Just a quick reminder, we only have about 5 spaces left in our hotel for New Years Eve.  If you need that space, please let us know so your pooch can ring in the new year with us!

Have a good day!


The Apprentice at a Doggy Daycare

Mitzi the yorkie I don't normally watch this show, but the one this week had the contestants on the show working at a doggie daycare in NYC.  It is always funny to me when you see "business men" trying to run a service business and what they think sells and people want.  The guys were so "business like" that I just had to laugh the entire show.  I think it really helps when a doggy daycare is run by dog people, not business people. ;)

We had a meeting on Thursday to discuss our 3rd annual Woof-n-Treat doggy halloween party and it will be the best yet!  I can't wait to see all the cool costumes!

Have a great weekend, make sure to check out some of the local apple orchards, many are dog friendly!  I know that Minnetonka Orchards loves dogs!



Maddie is one of the Yorkies that comes to daycare almost every day and she gets very excited when a new person enters the Canine Cove. Maddie does have a boyfriend named Stewie and they have been known to have sleepovers at each others house. Miss Maddie also does a cute little dance when her mom comes to pick her up after daycare.  Maddie can be seen sunning herself outside when the weather is nice or just being held and cuddled with.

Yorkie Day

maddie the yorkieToday was Yorkie day at doggy daycare including, Butters, Sydney, Sedes, jag, Mitzi and Maddie (in the picture).  Each of these dogs has such a different personality but all of them LOVE to hang out in the outside play area.  Today I spent a good part of the day getting things planned out for our 2 year anniversary party which is this saturday.  Have you RSVP'ed yet? Have a good night.


The first real snow!

Roxy really, really, really loves the snow.  From the minute it starts snowing she keeps wanting to go outside watch it fall.  Today, we asked on our facebook fan page how many of your dogs love the snow and everyone that responded said that their pooch enjoyed it.  The biggest shock was Roxy the yorkie, who is only 5 pounds and enjoys snow. On snow days when the traffic is really bad, we waive our late pickup charge because we want you to drive safe and not rush to pick up your pooch.  We do have people around until 8:30pm for pick up tonight.  Also, if the steps outside our building are hard for you, please call us and we will run your pooch out to you, we don't want anyone falling!

Have a good night and enjoy our first snowfall!



joeyThere were a bunch of little dogs that came to doggy daycare today, one of which was Joey the beagle Mix.  Joey has been spending the night in one of the luxury hotel suites the past few nights and loves to greet everyone as they walk in the room. Also, Vanessa, one of our staff members was working on playing matchmaker with Butters and Carmela (both of which are little Yorkie's).  Butters did show Carmela how to jump up on some of the play equipment, we think he was showing off in front of her.

Oh, did you notice that we lowered the webcams to "doggy height" over the weekend.  It is funny, because some of the little guys look like Godzilla on the cameras now ;)

Have a great night.