Thanks dogs and Free Daycare

Today we were having some work done in the play areas, so we had to juggle some of the doggy daycare dogs around.  We had a great group of dogs playing in our training room which allowed us to put the big dogs in where the little dogs normally are.  I know this sounds confusing, but we really have everything planned out.  One of the challenges we always run into is how to get things done in the play areas, because we always have dogs in there. So for a few hours today, had everyone moved around ;)  Russel (in the picture) was one of the dogs that got to have some extra fun in our training room. A big thanks to the dogs for being so easy going. I actually think that the dogs enjoyed being in a new room, with some different play equipment.

Are you our fan on Facebook?  If you are, you know about the contest we started to give away a day of daycare tomorrow.