The NEW Ruff House

ruff house minnesota floorI want to send a big thank you to all of our employees who worked extra hard the past few days (and today) at doggy daycare as the floor guys installed our state of the art floor in the Ruff House.  Doing construction with dogs is never easy, and it is even harder when you can't use a 3000 sqft play area and the temperature is 112 with the heat index outside.  We made use of our training room and the Canine Cove.  To keep the dogs cool, our AC was blasting.  Late last week I called the guy that invented the flooring, and asked if the weather would be too hot or humid.  He said no, the humidity actually helps to keep the smell down and help it dry faster (who would have thought).  So full speed it was.   So thanks again to our wonderful staff who helped to keep things running smooth on one of the hottest days OUTSIDE in the states history! Now.. About the floor.... This is a new concept in flooring and we are the first in the Twin Cities to use it!  It is not epoxy, it is not rubber, but a mix of the 2.  Rolled rubber flooring (even when properly installed) can hold smells, and epoxy floors are hard on dog's feet and create injuries.. But when you mix the 2.. You get doggy daycare gold!  The next room on the list to get a makeover is Waggers Way.

Just wait until tomorrow, we know the dogs will love it!  The big question.. Who will be the first to break it in???

Have a good night!